John Stover

Morrison’s “MMA” Debut a Successful One

Tommy Morrison’s supposed MMA debut was a successful one for the former boxing heavyweight champion as he stopped John Stover at 2:08 of the first round, winning by TKO.

I put quotes around MMA in the title because this bout wasn’t mixed martial arts despite what promoters were billing it as. Both fighters were not permitted to use knees, kicks, and elbows and the fight was prohibited from hitting the ground.

There was some pre-fight drama that took place when Stover had second thoughts of even going through with the fight, this because of various reports coming out stating that Morrison’s former agent believes that he is HIV-positive as well as Stover finding out that promoters lied to him. Stover stated that he was told the bout was being sanctioned by the Arizona State Athletic Commission and that Morrison tested negative for the bout.