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Reger’s Rant Oct 15, 2008

EliteXC Doubletalk

Apparently, Jeremy Lappen is making it a habit of saying the wrong things in recent days.  Courtesy of MMAWeekly

The Florida State Boxing Commission on Tuesday released the final gate figures and medical suspensions for EliteXC’s “Heat” on Oct. 4 at the BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise, Fla.

“There were 6,854 paid attendees for $677,793 in gross gate revenue. An additional 847 tickets were given out as “comps,” adding up to $97,542 in uncounted revenue. 7,701 people attended the event in all.

At the post-fight press conference, EliteXC Head of Fight Operations Jeremy Lappen originally reported that 9,414 fans attended the event with 7,723 paid attendees for a live gate of $826,000.

So much for the place being “sold out” as Lappen and Jared Shaw continued to say the day before the event. 

With the news coming of last weeks consistent flip flops and accusations of being misquoted, despite being on tape, someone in the EXC PR department may want to tell Mr. Lappen to quiet down a bit.

What are Anderson Silva’s plans?

A few weeks ago, UFC Middleweight kingpin Anderson Silva made waves by saying he planned on retiring soon.  Soon thereafter, his manager Ed Soares discounted the reports as Anderson just having fun.  But now a new video has shown up on Sherdog in which Anderson continues to say his time in mixed martial arts is basically over.

The UFC really needs to get to the bottom of this before Silva basically pulls a Couture and calls Zuffa to say he is retiring. 

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Shaw, White Chime in on EliteXC Mess

Gary Shaw. Photo by Esther Lin/ProElite.

If anything could make EliteXC’s situation even worse right now, it would be a current or former employee involved in the matchmaking of the fights they put on to come out and basically admit that, yeah, the organization does tell fighters to keep their bouts standing “for the fans.”

Enter Gary Shaw. The former face of the promotion has told the Los Angeles Times that he hasn’t hesitated in the past to tell fighters that the company was looking to put on a certain kind of fight. And his comments couldn’t come at a worse time:

But Elite XC consultant Gary Shaw said he wouldn’t hesitate to “go to a fighter and say, ‘We’re looking for a stand-up fight.’ You’re not asking him to throw a fight. You’re talking about a fan-friendly fight, not about protecting Kimbo.”

Shaw said he has urged MMA fighters in the past to maximize the action, to avoid an abundance of yawn-inspiring wrestling.

“Do I think that’s unethical? No,” Shaw said. “Because in MMA, you get bonus money for a knockout. I don’t see it as unethical . . . asking him to be TV and fan friendly.

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EliteXC Still Backpedaling on Bonus Debacle

Jeremy Lappen. Photo by Esther Lin/

If Seth Petruzelli wasn’t already pretty popular after knocking out Kimbo Slice last Saturday, he’s likely finding out that he’s gaining notoriety by the minute these days. Just about of the major news outlets are now covering Petruzelli’s botched comments - he inadvertently claimed that EliteXC had offered him a bonus to keep his fight against Slice on the feet on an Orlando radio show Monday - and no one involved is content with the current situation.

What is EliteXC doing during all of this? Continuing to try and save face while contradicting itself of course. One of Bloody Elbow‘s readers discovered that EliteXC figurehead Jeremy Lappen has been giving differing answers during interviews this week. He’s not the only one either.

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Noons Believes He’s a Free Agent

K.J. Noons. Photo by Esther Lin/EliteXC.

After being stripped of his EliteXC lightweight title, K.J. Noons has stated that he believes that he has now become a free agent in a new interview with Noons’ belt was taken away after he refused to accept a title defense against Nick Diaz, whom Noons had defeated in November of last year.

“I’m a free agent,” Noons said in the article. “Since I’ve been stripped, I’m no longer the champion and I don’t owe them the fights (Noons says that he had two fights remaining on his deal if he were champion). I owed them fights for being a champion.”

EliteXC Head of Fight Operations Jeremy Lappen thinks otherwise. According to Lappen, Noons still has two fights remaining on his current contract regardless, but isn’t sure whether or not the promotion will have the part-time professional boxer fight for them again.

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More on the EliteXC Payment Controversy

Seth Petruzelli. Photo by Esther Lin/

The fallout from EliteXC’s “Heat” show this past weekend seems to be calming down, but the accusations that the organization may have attempted to bribe Seth Petruzelli to keep his fight with Kimbo Slice standing with an extra bonus are just heating up.

In his first response since Petruzelli’s revelation and quick retraction of his comments yesterday on an Orlando, Florida radio station, EliteXC Head of Fight Operations Jeremy Lappen has denied offering any kind of payment to Petruzelli in a report by

“Obviously we didn’t pay [Petruzelli] to stand,” Lappen is quoted as saying. “Kimbo had trained for months to fight a guy who’s fighting on the ground. We don’t care if people stand or take people down or what. It doesn’t matter to us. All we want is an exciting fight.”

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Shamrock Plans to Revert Back to Old Form

Ken Shamrock. Photo by Esther Lin/EliteXC.

Despite losing his last five fights and being unable to earn a victory in the last four years, Ken Shamrock believes that his upcoming fight against Kimbo Slice on October 4 is a chance to show a national television audience that he still has what it takes to be competitive in the world of mixed martial arts.

On a teleconference Thursday afternoon, Shamrock apologized for his recent losing streak, but promised that he plans to show the critics that he has learned from his defeats and has enough in the tank to knock off EliteXC’s fastest-rising star.

“I’m gonna apologize, right here and now, for my last couple performances in MMA,” Shamrock said. “I have my reasons but they are just excuses. I’ll tell you this though - on October 4, I will shut everybody up and make amends for those fights by putting Kimbo’s lights out.”

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The “Unfinished Business” Fallout Continues

Photo by Esther Lin/EliteXC.

The negative fallout from EliteXC’s second show on CBS is continuing. Yesterday the UFC and Spike TV blasted the organization for drawing lesser numbers on their network television broadcast than a replay of UFC 84: Ill Will in certain demographics last Saturday night. Gary Shaw and Doug DeLuca’s resignation from ProElite were also announced on Tuesday as well.

One of the things EliteXC heads DeLuca and Jeremy Lappen continually harped on in the weeks leading up to the event was the tremendous ticket sales they were enjoying. DeLuca stated that five days out from the event, they had already sold half of the available tickets and were expecting a sellout.

“We’re definitely well over half sold already,” DeLuca said during a pre-event conference call on July 22. “That was as of the weekend. I know we picked up a full head of steam on Monday. I’m really not too sure where ticket sales are at exactly, but we are fully expecting it to be a complete sell out.”

It turns out that DeLuca fibbed a bit.

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CKA: Mar 09, 2007

News and Notes

- According to Dave Meltzer, UFC 70: Nations Collide will likely appear on Spike TV and not HBO.

Dana White said that regarding the broadcast of UFC 70 on 4/21 from Manchester, England into the U.S., that nothing is finalized right now, but it will most likely be on Spike and not HBO.

- Fight Opinion Radio has released their newest episode dubbed “Power Brokers”. The show features former WFA boss and current EliteXC employee Jeremy Lappen and Jimmy Greninger of Soldier Fight Gear.

- MMA manager Monte Cox told MMAWeekly that he doesn’t feel Tim Sylvia’s back injury had any effect on the outcome of the fight with Randy Couture.

“He had trouble with his back. It was something that we dealt with with chiropractic help to make it so he could compete hard. And I think he did,” commented Cox. “I’m not one to say that has any kind of effect. I wish he hadn’t have said it. It happens before a lot of fights, it’s just one of those things.”

Injuries going into a fight, especially a fight with as much meaning as a title fight, are quite common among professional fighters. In fact, it’s a common saying amongst fighters that “if you’re not injured at all going into a fight, you’re not training hard enough.”

- Our rumors section has been updated.

Icon Sport: Epic TV Promo

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Jeremy Lappen Sues WFA Owners

Tonight on MMAWeekly Radio, WFA President Jeremy Lappen broke news that he is suing the owners of the WFA for breach of contract.

Lappen stated that the WFA has failed to pay him along with many of the other employees. MMAWeekly is reporting that many of the company’s employees have left and the company is beginning to build up some heavy debt.

As it stands right now, the future isn’t looking very bright for the World Fighting Alliance.

From the Mouth of Dana White

Leading up to UFC 63 this week, UFC President Dana White has to be very vocal. However, he decided to comment on a few of the rumors that have been floating around as of late, things that he really didn’t even have to address.

When it comes to the stories out there that say many big-name UFC fighters are considering leaving the company because of horrible pay, what does White have to say?

“Believe me when I tell you, brother, people aren’t leaving me,” Dana White said in an interview Tuesday.

While declining to detail UFC’s finances, he said his athletes were happy with their take. “We’re a private company and our fighters make a lot of money, a lot of money,” he added.

“None of us are arguing, none of us are bitching and none of us are fighting. We get along with all of our fighters very well. They feel like they’re part of a very happy family. Let me tell you what, I can sleep at night. I’m not in this for the money and I never was.

“We’re a real business. We’ve got this thing rolling and we’re thrilled, thrilled that these guys are able to make what they’re making.”

Dana happened to use UFC Middleweight Champion as an example of this:

White cited middleweight champion Rich Franklin, a native of Cincinnati whose UFC deal calls for a basic fee of $18,000 per fight with another $18,000 for each win.

“Him and his wife just bought 15 acres of land and a big fat house that they just moved into,” White said.

White also decided to comment on Jeremy Lappen, CEO of the WFA, and the real reason as to why he was ejected from UFC 61.

White also denied being responsible for having the head of the rival World Fighting Alliance ejected from the Mandalay Bay at UFC 61: Bitter Rivals. Jeremy Lappen was asked to leave by Mandalay Bay officials, White said, because he had people distributing flyers in the casino for a WFA event.

The UFC president said he “embraced” competition from rival organizations.

“These guys create the talent that’s going to end up in my show some day. I’ve got no problem with these guys.”

“I’ve made more millionaires in this business than anybody else has,” White added.

Those are pretty brash comments by Dana right there. However with the UFC on top of the MMA world right now, I’d say that he can make those remarks whenever he pleases…

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