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Jeff Joslin to Return in April (Not happening update)

Update: Joslin is telling tkoxtreme that he will not be healed in time to fight on the April card. - DS

MMA on Tap has learned that Jeff “The Inferno” Joslin will make his return to active competition when the UFC ventures into Canada for the first time in history on April 19th.

Since losing a unanimous decision in his UFC debut against Josh Koscheck at UFC Fight Night 7, a fight that impressed UFC officials enough to invite him back for another go-round, Joslin has battled a variety of injuries that have prevented him from stepping back into the cage.

Joslin was originally scheduled to face both Chris Lytle and Kuniyoshi Hironaka at separate UFC events in 2007 but was forced to bow out of both fights after suffering two separate injuries during training.

With his health nearing 100%, Joslin will look to get back on the winning track when the Hamilton, Ontario native joins fellow Canadians Georges St. Pierre, Jason MacDonald, and Jonathan Goulet in attempting to please the fans that will pack the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec this spring.

An opponent for Joslin has not yet been announced.

Jeff Joslin Eyeing UFC Return

Canadian welterweight Jeff “The Inferno” Joslin recently told The Fight Network that he should be ready to return to the octagon in either October or November.

The Hamilton native has informed The Fight Network he should be ready to make his return to the UFC in either October or November. Joslin last competed in the Octagon on Dec. 13, falling to wrestler Josh Koscheck via a unanimous decision. In loss, Joslin was able to impress with some sharp striking and overall resilience.

Joslin was scheduled to face Kuniyoshi Hironaka in April and Chris Lytle in July but was forced to withdraw from both fights due to undisclosed injuries.

Report: Fickett Pulls Out of Lytle Fight at UFC 73

UFC Junkie is reporting that Drew Fickett has been forced to pull out of his scheduled bout with Chris Lytle at UFC 73 because of an undisclosed injury. A second replacement opponent for Lytle has not yet been named.

Drew Fickett Out, Chris Lytle Awaiting UFC 73 Replacement

Drew Fickett has been scratched from next weekend’s UFC 73 event and his opponent, Chris Lytle, is currently awaiting word on a replacement.

Lytle’s agent, Ken Pavia, confirmed the news to UFC Junkie early this morning.

Fickett was actually a replacement for Canadian Jeff Joslin, who was scratched from the event last month because of an injury.

The nature and extent of Fickett’s injury is not yet known.

Jeff Joslin Out, Drew Fickett In is reporting Canadian welterweight Jeff “The Inferno” Joslin (5-3) has been forced to withdraw from his fight at UFC 73 with Chris Lytle (22-14-5) due to an injury. Taking Joslin’s place will be UFC vet Drew Fickett (29-5-0).

According to an article on ‘The Fight Network’, Joslin was craving the opportunity to fight a well-known name but to his dismay the injury bug bit him again.

“I’ve been going through a few days of being pissed off,” a disappointed Joslin said today. “I was looking forward to the fight; he’s [Lytle] a well-known name and it was a good opportunity.”

UFC 73: Stacked is scheduled to take place July 7th at the ARCO Arena in Sacramento, California.

Jeff Joslin Injured

Canadian welterweight Jeff “The Inferno” Joslin has been forced to withdraw from his April 5th battle with Kuniyoshi Hironaka at UFC Fight Night 9. The injury at this time is unknown.

A replacement has not been named yet for Joslin.

CKA: Feb 01, 2007

News and Notes

- The Fight Network will be televising the EliteXC debut show live at 10 PM EST on February 10th.

- UFC and PRIDE veteran Kevin “The Monster” Randleman has been released from the hospital after he suffered near kidney failure.

- Mauricio “Shogun” Rua and Alistair Overeem will face off in the ring PRIDE 33: Second Coming.

- Canadian welterweight Jeff Joslin is scheduled to face Kuniyoshi Hironaka on April 5th live on Spike TV.

- Tonight on ‘Inside the UFC’, Joe Rogan will sit down and talk to UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva and his opponent Travis Lutter.

- Be sure to check out our newly created rumors page. We’ve updated the PRIDE 33 card with Overeem vs. Rua.

- Sherdog has announced that they will be going live 3 days a week starting February 12th. The show will run from 1PM - 5PM EST with 2 hour episodes of ‘The Beatdown’ and ‘The Savage Dog Show’. The show will also have updates at the top of every hour. For the users who cannot listen live, there will still be a podcast available through iTunes.

- Elvis Sinosic has signed a new deal with the UFC and it looks like his next fight will be in April. It also looks like Gonzaga will be fighting on one of the UFC cards in April.

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APEX: Caged Inferno

APEX Fighting Championship is back with its next event dubbed “Caged Inferno”. “Caged Inferno” will take place Saturday January 13th, 2007 at the Robert Guertin Arena in Gatineau, Quebec.

The card will feature a Canadian middleweight title fight between Sean “Pimp Daddy” Pierson and Fritz “The Animal” Paul along with a Canadian lightweight title fight between Shaun “The Phenom” Krysa and the experienced Thierry “The Surgeon” Quenneville.

UFC veteran Jeff “The Inferno” Joslin was originally scheduled to fight Jason “Livewire” Von Flue but that is no longer possible as Joslin is currently medically suspended.

UFC Update: Canada, Cro Cop, Penn, WFA

Moments after the UFC Fight Night event concluded UFC President Dana White took some time to answer questions with reporters on subjects ranging from Mirko “Cro Cop” to Marcus Davis.

White mentioned that UFC welterweight champion Georges “Rush” St. Pierre would be fighting Matt Serra in February and then his next opponent would likely be Matt Hughes in April at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Canada. White then went on to say he has heard Hughes may want to wait so we could possibly see a fight between Hughes and Diego Sanchez but nothing is for certain. No matter what White said “We’re going to Montreal in April no matter what.”

One reporter asked if there was any more news on which fighters the UFC would be picking up from the WFA and White said “No, not since yesterday. I mean we talked yesterday and obviously the big score there was Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.”

Shortly after that another reporter brought up the rumors of the UFC signing Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic, White smiled and said “Really, that’d be awesome too.”

Later White was again asked about “Cro Cop” and he smiled and said “I cannot deny or confirm that. We’re going after everyone; I’m taking over the world. We’re going after everyone.”

White confirmed that he’d love to do another show for the marines. He felt the atmosphere was tremendous and they were honored with the support provided by the folks in the armed services.

When asked about Jeff Joslin, White said “Joslin will definitely be back, no doubt about it. He’s a tough guy, a tough durable fighter. Josh Koscheck is no joke.”

White also confirmed that former UFC welterweight champion B.J. Penn would be a coach on season 5 of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’. Penn will be joining Pulver as a coach on the 5th season and it is expected that they will fight on the season finale which is expected to be in June/July.

UFC Fight Night 7 Live Blog

Tonight we will be going live at 8 PM EST.

- T-minus five minutes folks.

- is reporting that “Cro Cop” has chosen to sign with the UFC, maybe we’ll be seeing an announcement tonight!

- Here we go folks! We are live, Diego Sanchez and Joe Riggs kicked the broadcast off by stating their plans for the fight, that was followed by the typical UFC highlight videos.

- Mike Goldberg graces the microphone while his partner Joe Rogan joins him. They hype up the crowd which consists of 3000 U.S. Marines.

- Just seeing Jeff Joslin being shown gets me excited! Can’t wait to see him get his shot in the big show!

- The first fight of the evening will be Shonie Carter and Marcus Davis.

Shonie Carter vs. Marcus Davis

- After a length commercial break we are back and the veteran voice of the octagon Bruce Buffer is introducing the fighters.

- Carter receives a very large ovation.

- “Big” John is the ref.

Round 1:

The fighters come out early and clinch but moments later they break apart. Davis attempts a low kick that misses. The regain the clinch and Davis secures a trip. Davis lands in the mount and from there he quickly takes Shonie Carter’s back. He secures the full body triangle and works for the rear naked choke. Carter stays calm while under the pressure. Davis continues to work from Carter’s back while he peppers him with short rights. Shonie shows a veteran presence as he reverses Davis and puts him on his back. Shonie begins to toss down some punches and elbows from the top while the crowd chants “Shonie! Shonie! Shonie!” Carter lands some excellent elbows from the top as he works from the top position. Carter finishes the round strong with some good shots from the top.

Round 2:

The fighters come out looking to size each other up early. Neither lands anything until Davis unleashes a shot that rocks Carter and drops him to the canvas. Carter gets up but he is still rocked. Davis lands another jab while Carter tries a few wild kicks. Still clearly dazed Carter takes another jab before he gains the clinch. Davis lands some good knees to the legs and they break free. Davis comes in with a good left hand while Shonie looks dazed. Davis lands another straight right followed by a very hard low kick. Davis sneaks in the right jab again as Carter misses with some wild shots. Davis continues to work the hard shots while Shonie’s nose leaks blood. Davis lands a four shot combo followed by a hard hook and a knee. Shonie attempts a few wild uneffective shots. Shonie tries the left spinning back fist that missed. Davis quickly capitalizes and lands two good shots. He follows that up with some more hard shots. Davis attempts a shot but slips. Again Davis tries to come in but he slips again and then the two fighters clinch. Carter momentarily goes for the guillotine but fails.

- Davis clearly dominated Carter in the second round rocking him numerous times.

Round 3:

The third round starts on the feet as the fighters exchange a few unsuccessful punches. Davis tries coming forward with a three punch combo that fails. Carter throws a wild uppercut that goes wide. Davis continues to work his hard stiff jab as Carter moves forward. Carter finally lands a good shot to the side of Davis’ head. Davis continues to work his stiff jab. Shonie attempts a head kick that is blocked. Both fighters attempt a few jabs and then Carter lands a good leg kick. Davis lands a few jabs while they continue to hunt one another. Davis continues to work his jab while Carter fakes some kicks. Shonie throws a few combinations while Davis comes in with the jab. Davis lands a low kick and Carter answers with a jab. Davis continues to jab Carter as the round ends.

- Marcus Davis is declared the winner by unanimous decision.

- The camera crew goes out back where they show Drew Fickett, Karo Parisyan, Josh Koscheck, Jeff Joslin, Diego Sanchez and Joe Riggs getting prepared for their battles.

- They show the preview of Liddell vs. Ortiz II.

- Up next is “The Heat” versus “The Master”.

Karo Parisyan vs. Drew Fickett

- Ivan Salaverry is in the corner of Drew Fickett.

- Both Fickett and Parisyan received strong ovations.

- Steve Mazzagatti is the referee.

Round 1:

Fickett comes out with a few strikes early looking solid on his feet. Parisyan lands a big overhand right while taking a shot to the groin. He gets some time to regain his composure. The fight is restarted and Fickett throws some good straight punches. Karo gets ahold of Fickett and takes him to the canvas. Karo throws some shots while he is down and then Fickett hops back up to his feet. They exchange some overhand rights before clinching again. Fickett throws a knee and then they break the clinch. Karo charges in with strikes so Fickett throws a knee. Parisyan comes in with a wild overhand shot. Parisyan goes to throw a shot but he slips and quickly regains his balance. Karo lands two hard rights on the button. Fickett clinches and throws a knee but Karo quickly answers with some straight shots. Fickett clinches again he lands a good knee. Karo throws a head kick that is blocked. They clinch up against the cage and then Karo pushes off and lands a few shots. Both Karo and Fickett move to the center while landing a shot each. Drew charges forward and Karo lands some more good rights. Fickett jumps in with a knee that misses. Karo throws a straight right followed by a high kick that is blocked. He nails Karo with a few more hard rights. Fickett shoots in for a single but Karo avoids it.

Round 2:

Karo comes in with some straight shots right away and then he secures a big takedown. Karo pins Fickett up against the fence looking to work the ground and pound. Fickett lands a hard elbow from the bottom that opens Karo up. Karo goes into attack more and starts landing some excellent elbows that cut Fickett as well. Parisyan starts teeing off from the top while moving to side mount. The fight is stopped to check the cuts. The doctor says he is ok. They restart the fight on the canvas as both guys are bloodied. Karo’s eye is cut badly is a swollen. Karo lands a huge right from the top before sneaking in a few short elbows. Fickett tries going for a kimura and then armbar. Karo regains the halfguard and he continues to fire off short elbows and punches. Karo continues to work from the top while Fickett squirms on the ground. The fight is back up on the feet. Karo’s eye is extremely swollen. Fickett shoots in and secures the double leg. Fickett begins to land some excellent elbows from the top. Fickett continues to work the hard elbows from the top as the round ends. Both guys are very bloodied and Karo’s eye looks terrible. Fickett’s cut is on his forehead, Parisyan’s is under the eye.

Round 3:

The third starts with a touch of gloves as both guys are battered and bloodied. Fickett comes in and lands a good left. Parisyan responds with a good jab. Fickett lands a good body kick. Karo tosses another good right as his cut is reopened. Karo continously tossed off the straight rights that look to have a good effect. Fickett jumps in with a knee that misses. Both guys exchange some more good shots. Karo lands a straight right left combo. Karo continues to throw the straight rights. Fickett then shoots in and it goes wrong giving Karo the top position. They then return to the feet moments later and Fickett attempts a few combos that misses. Fickett throws a weak punch and then the two fighters gain the clinch. Karo throws a wild right that misses. Fickett then shoots in but Karo pushes him off. Fickett attempts a high kick but once again it is blocked. Karo lands and excellent combo and then he lands a judo throw. Fickett tries to come in with the flying knee again as Karo tees off on him. Karo secures another takedown. Fickett turns to his back and they return to the feet. Fickett shoots in as they battle with shots in the clinch and the round ends. Both guys very battered and bloodied.

- This will be a close call!

- All three judges scored it 30-27 for the winner by unanimous decision, Karo “The Heat” Parisyan.

- Next up is Koscheck versus Joslin!

Josh Koscheck vs. Jeff Joslin

- Joslin is introduced first and he recieves a mixed reception.

- Koscheck is next and the fans give him a solid reception.

- Herb Dean is the ref.

Round 1:

They touch gloves and circle one another. Joslin very light on his feet. Koscheck tries to wild shots. Joslin sneaks in a jab. Joslin continues to come forward tossing the odd jab. Koscheck tries another wild right hand. Koscheck has a little blood on the eye as he secures a takedown. Joslin shows an active guard as Koscheck begins to posture up. Joslin gets him in the butterfly guard while Koscheck attempts to pass. Koscheck continues to work to pass while Joslin holds on. Koscheck tries an elbow that misses. Joslin continues to utilize the butterfly guard while keeping Koscheck mobilized. Koscheck misses with an elbow. Dean steps in and stands them up. Joslin lands an overhand that rocks Koscheck, immediately Koscheck shoots and puts him down. Koscheck gets the takedown and works some body shots. Herb Dean warns Koscheck he will stand them up. Koscheck tries stuffing Joslin against the cage. Joslin rolls for an armbar. Round ends.

Round 2:

Joslin comes out with the jab as he sizes Koscheck up. He continues to work an excellent jab. Koscheck attempts a jab that misses. He then tries an overhand right that comes up short. Joslin continues to stalk Koscheck on the feet. Joslin works the jab while Koscheck throws a wild right. Joslin continues to come forward with straight punches as Koscheck throws wild rights that miss. Joslin lands a low kick and then Koscheck shoots and takes him down. Joslin ties him up while Koscheck tries to pass. Koscheck lands an elbow and then a few punches to the body. Koscheck postures up and lands a few elbows. Koscheck gets in two more elbows. Herb Dean stands them up. Immediately Koscheck shoots and gets the big takedown. Joslin tries switching to an armbar. Joslin gets the triangle sunk in at the end of the round.

Round 3:

The thrid starts with Joslin coming forward on the feet again. Joslin lands a low kick. He attempts a spinning backfist that misses. Joslin continues to work the jab. Joslin lands a few jabs as Koscheck backpeddles. Koscheck shoots in for the double leg. Koscheck secures the big takedown and he gets in a takedown. Joslin gains the butterfly guard. Koscheck continues to do very little from the top. Joslin works the active guard looking for a submission. Koscheck postures up but is uneffective. Koscheck sinks in a guillotine but Joslin gets loose. Koscheck works from the side dropping shot elbows. Koscheck begins to lands some good punches. Herb Dean stands the fighters up. Joslin is cut. Joslin throws a punch and Koscheck shoots and takes him down. Koscheck lays in the guard and does nothing while Joslin lands shots from the bottom.

- Josh Koscheck is declared the winner via a unanimous decision victory.

- Next up is Riggs vs. Sanchez.

Joe Riggs vs. Diego Sanchez

- Riggs is introduced first while his cornermen wear army uniforms.

- Diego is introduced next looking very focused.

- “Big” John is the referee.

- Intense staredown.

Round 1:

The fighters touch up to kick off the round and then they begin circling. Riggs throws big left that misses. Diego shoots in early but fails as Riggs stuffs it. Riggs continues to move forward as he lands right hand. Riggs throws good high kick. Both fighters land huge punches and Diego’s drops Riggs to the canvas, he quickly charges in and lands a flying knee. He follows that up with some shot on the canvas knocking Riggs out.

- Diego Sanchez is declared the winner by KO.

- Thats all folks, hope you enjoyed.

Names in the Game: Jeff “The Inferno” Joslin

Jeff “The Inferno” Joslin is a mixed martial artist who hails out of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Recently Joslin received the long awaited and well deserved call from the Ultimate Fighting Championship and he will now be fighting Josh Koscheck on December 13th at Ultimate Fight Night 7.

Being born in raised in Hamilton, Ontario, Joslin’s life has revolved around various disciplines of martial arts. From a young age his father, Rick Joslin, had him participating in martial arts and to this day the fire still burns strong.

Joslin is currently a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt under Romero “Jacare” Cavalcanti and a 4th degree black belt in Karate. Joslin also avidly trains his boxing and wrestling.

Among the many titles won during his career, some of the most important were his gold medal at the Pan American BJJ Championships and his first place victory at the Arnold/Gracie World BJJ Championships.

Joslin sports a mixed martial arts record of 5 wins and 2 losses. Both of “The Inferno’s” losses came to the hands of UFC veterans Jonathan Goulet and Jon Fitch. When looking at this Canadian warrior’s record you’d get the impression that he is mediocre at best but that’s not the case.

Joslin’s first career loss came to the hands of Jonathan Goulet back in November of 2003. These resilient warriors ended up in the ring together at TKO 14 - Road Warriors where they went to war, literally. This fight was a back and forth affair in which fans saw Jonathan Goulet produced a strong effort in the first doing enough to earn himself the 10-9 score. Goulet showed excellent submission defense throughout the first round and his ground and pound had a great deal of effect on his Canadian counterpart.

Things all changed in the second round as Joslin came out strong working excellent positioning. He had Goulet in trouble more then once during the final stanza and he did more then enough to win the round making then fight even, one round a piece.

Unfortunately for Joslin and to the suprise of many fans, the judges scored the fight as an unanimous decision victory. It was a questionable one no doubt but it wouldn’t be the last for Mr. Joslin. The next downer for Joslin would come about two years later when he stepped into the ring with Jon Fitch at Freedom Fight - Canada vs. USA.

The fight had its share of drama as the skilled Canadian took a head butt from Fitch flush to the face which caused him to suffer massive swelling. Also later in the fight Joslin has his opponent up against the ropes and as he teed off on him, Fitch told the ref he was hurt so they called time out. In what normally would end up being a standing 8 count, Fitch was given a 5 minute rest period. Joslin, the crowd, and his corner were all visibly upset and they voiced their opinions but the decision stuck. The crowd favorite Jeff Joslin did enough to earn himself the decision victory but once again he was robbed as the American based fighter was given the nod by the judges from Quebec.

I for one totally disagreed with the Fitch decision and I wasn’t alone. Basically every fan in the arena littered the arena with negative energy as Fitch’s hand was raised in victory. Either way after watching the fight I knew that Joslin was legit and I hoped he’d one day get a shot in the UFC and luckily for me that time has come.

Joslin made his return to mixed martial arts early this year at APEX: A Night of Champions where he made easy work of his tough opponent Nuri Shakir, TKO’ing him part way through the first round. After that news broke that UFC matchmaker, Joe Silva, contacted Joslin and signed him to a three fight deal with his first fight coming December 13th against Josh Koscheck.

With the signing of the Joslin, the UFC just added another big name to their already stacked welterweight division. If Joslin can get past Koscheck he may just be the UFC’s diamond in the rough.

Be sure to check out for his latest news and information.

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