A Chance for Revenge and Mayhem in HD

When Jason “Mayhem” Miller and Tim Kennedy step into cage tomorrow night, it will be for the second time in their respective careers.

Kennedy earned a decision over Miller during an Extreme Challenge tournament back in February 2003. Since then, they have gone in completely different directions. Miller has become one of the top middleweights in mixed martial arts while Kennedy is a little more than a year back from another stint as an Army Ranger.

Throughout that time however, one thing has remained constant - Miller’s desire to avenge his loss against Kennedy. After Miller’s original opponent, Sean Salmon, was forced to pull out of the bout after being medically suspended by the California State Athletic Commission, HDNet Fights matchmaker Guy Mezger stepped up and delivered Miller a second chance against Kennedy.

The man they call “Mayhem” couldn’t be more excited.

“When Salmon got knocked out I think that I was more concerned about him turning out alright rather than me sulking about not having an opponent anymore,” said Miller. “HDNet Fights was able to score Tim for me and I couldn’t be happier.”

When reading up on the upcoming match-up between the two it’s obvious that both are fond of each other. Kennedy likes Miller. Mayhem respects Kennedy. Even though that might be the case, it doesn’t mean that Miller is going to take things lightly.

“I’m in this fight all the way,” stated Miller. “I’m definitely looking to get some revenge. He has a win over me so he must be pretty damn good. I respect him a lot. He’s a great fighter and a nice dude. He beat me back then but that was years ago. I like him but I’m going to beat him.”

Miller’s appearance inside the confines of a HDNet Fights event will be the first of his career in the promotion. His exit from the WEC earlier this year was pretty well known by the general public. His strategy however is not. To quote Vince McMahon, those who try to figure it out pretty much have “no chance in hell”.

“Oh, my game plan is top secret,” Miller said. “No one knows about that shit. It’s being guarded by the monkeys right now so anyone who tries to sneak a peek has no chance.”

Another bout on the card besides Miller-Kennedy is Frank Trigg making his return to active competition after a brief hiatus against Edwin Dewees. Trigg beat Miller last year to claim the ICON Sport middleweight belt. Could we see a Cuban-created rematch in the near future? Wins by both tomorrow night could increase the chances…

Lierley Plans to Switch Things Up in Rematch

Shad Lierley throws a straight right at Chris Horodecki at an IFL event in June 2007. Provided by IFL. Getty Images.

Imagine getting a title shot in only your first year as a professional in MMA… Sounds insane doesn’t it?

Well that’s exactly what has happened to Shad Lierley as he’s been given an opportunity to challenge undefeated lightweight phenom Chris Horodecki for the vacant IFL Lightweight Title at the IFL Grand Prix Finals later this month. Lierley and Horodecki clashed earlier this year in what turned out to be a definite ‘fight of the year’ nominee. Horodecki came away with an unanimous decision victory.

We were able to post video of the fight courtesy of the IFL last month. You can find it here.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Shad late last week and get his thoughts on a chance for redemption against Horodecki.

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Q & A: Joe Camacho

Joe Camacho gets ready to throw a left hook against Akiyo Nishiura. Photo by Rick Estrada. Used with permission.

During these modern days of MMA, many fighters like to stick with one promotion or fight inside the confines of a single country. Not Joe Camacho.

In just this year alone, Camacho has fought in the United States, Japan, and Guam all while compiling a five-fight undefeated streak, defeating two of the top-rated international fighters along the way.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Joe and discuss a number of things with him, including his career, his biggest fights, his future, and the controversy surrounding his record and his fight against Akiyo Nishiura earlier this year.

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Hieron Confident Going Into IFL Grand Prix

Jay Hieron works some ground and pound on San Jose Razorclaws' welterweight Donnie Liles at the IFL's event in Los Angeles in March 2007. Provided by IFL. Getty Images.

After close to three years of bouncing from promotion to promotion, Jay Hieron has finally found a home in the IFL, where he has fought six times thus far as a member of the Los Angeles Anacondas.

In those six fights, Hieron quickly established himself as one of the top welterweights in the league. His success earned him a bid in the IFL’s inaugural Grand Prix, pitting four fighters from each weight class against each other in an elimination style tournament, in hopes of crowning a champion.

Hieron sees the Grand Prix as a chance to not only showcase his skills but to prove that he is indeed the best fighter at 170 lbs the IFL has to offer. With the help of those at Xtreme Couture and his former coach Shawn Tompkins, Hieron is set to make the most of the opportunity.

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10 Questions with Mark “The Machine” Hominick

Mark “The Machine” Hominick is a Muay Thai and submission specialist who sports a mixed martial arts record of 14-7-0. Training with Team Tompkins in London, Ontario, Hominick is a 9 time TKO featherweight champion and a UFC veteran. Hominick holds victories over the likes of Yves Edwards, Jorge Gurgel, Ben Greer, and Stephane Vigneault.

Yesterday, Hominick fought and defeated Ben Greer at TKO 30: Apocalypse throwing himself back into contention for the TKO featherweight title which is currently held by Shooto veteran Hatsu Hioki.

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10 Questions with Kyacey “Ice Cold” Uscola

Kyacey Uscola vs Gegard Mousas
Photo: Alanah McGinley, MMA on Tap

Towards the end of August at the Bodog Fight taping in North Vancouver, I had a chance to catch up with Kyacey “Ice Cold” Uscola. 

Originally from Rupert, Idaho, Uscola has moved up quickly in the MMA world and has a following that seems to extend all over the place. He’s made a bit of a splash in the last couple seasons of Bodog Fight, stopping Joseph Baize and winning a unanimous decision over Izuru Takeuchi. His future seems bright, and with that in mind I threw a few questions at Kyacey just a couple hours before he was scheduled to fight Gegard Mousasi.

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Blue Collar Hollywood

Calvin Ayre and Tara LaRosa
Photo: Alanah McGinley, MMA on Tap

BodogFight owner Calvin Ayre is a friendly, easy-going guy to hang out with. He can talk a little trash and crack a few jokes,  doing a little business on the side and shaking some hands… all while making a half dozen of people around him feel like he’s genuinely enjoying their company.  Charm is a necessary talent in showbiz and Ayre has got it in spades.

However, that’s show business and in this writer’s experience, ‘charm’ is a rare quality on the business side of sports.  But then Calvin Ayre is a rare sort of businessman, and one who’s come a long way from his start in Saskatchewan, Canada

“Oh, my. A long, long way!” laughs Ayre, who currently makes his home in Antigua.  Though with some 10 months of the year living in hotels, “home” is a bit of a foreign concept to him these days.  But that’s the lifestyle he enjoys – just don’t try and tell him that he’s doing the ‘Hollywood thing.’ The guy is charming, but he’ll still (very politely) smack you down for it.

“We’re anti-Hollywood. I don’t think we’re Hollywood at all. We’re not stuffy. Hollywood’s all about pretenses and shit. This is a kind of blue collar thing… let’s call it Blue Collar Hollywood.  It’s an “everyman’s” kind of Hollywood.”

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Q & A: Elvis Sinosic

Elvis Sinosic locks in an armbar against Shamoji Fujii.

While the popularity of MMA is currently spreading like wildfire all over the world, Elvis Sinosic started fighting long before people all over the world knew how to correctly apply a rear naked choke. Even though he has lost more fights than he has won, Sinosic’s ability to keep his fights exciting and finish his opponent from just about any position has made him one of the sport’s most popular athletes.

Scott and I had the opportunity to talk with Elvis about his career, his future, and the development of mixed martial arts as a sport itself.

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Q & A: Jonathan Goulet

Jonathan “The Road Warrior” Goulet is a veteran of the UFC and TKO, holding a professional MMA record of 16-7. Some of Goulet’s more notable victories have come against Jeff Joslin, Travis Galbraith, Tony Fryklund, John Alessio, and Shonie Carter. Goulet is also currently the number one contender for the TKO Welterweight Title.

Goulet is a well rounded fighter who is versed in Karate and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and is a potent striker. His most recent fight was a loss to Josh Koscheck at UFC Fight Night 6. Goulet also recently signed a three fight deal with the UFC back in August.

Here is a short, recent question and answer set that we did with Jonathan discussing his fight with Koscheck and his plans for the near future…

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