Lindland Dominates Horn

Matt “The Law” Lindland reined victories last night as he picked Jeremy Horn apart and eventually knocked him out early in the second round.

Lindland came out aggressive in the opening round working both his strikes and takedowns. He was almost able to catch Jeremy Horn in his patented guillotine choke which has victimized numerous other fighters but Horn showed heart and broke free. Lindland continued work his strikes and takedowns, neutralizing anything Horn had to offer.

Coming off of a dominant first round Lindland continued where he left off. This time Lindland was able to catch Horn with a nice left which sent him to the canvas. Lindland pounced on his dazed opponent and pounded away until the referee called a halt to the bout at 21 seconds of the first round.

Chris Horodecki kept his undefeated record intact as he pulled out a unanimous decision over Ed West. Horodecki controlled rounds one and three but he was really tested in the second. Horodecki showed a ton of heart breaking free from a tight kimura which was applied late in the second round by West.

Mike Pyle, Jay Heiron and Alex Schoenauer all had fairly easy days at the office as they fought for a combined time of 1:47 seconds. Funny enough all three fighters won by guillotine choke early in the first. Pyle won at 17 seconds of the first, Heiron 26 seconds of the first and Schoenauer 1:04 of the first.

Allan Goes’s fought for the first time in over a year earning a submission victory over Devin Cole via the guillotine choke. In the end Bas Rutten’s Anacondas swept the five-fight series, Allan Goes made a successful return, Chris Horodecki remained undefeated and Matt Lindland solidified his status as one of the top middleweights in the world.

Lindland’s Biggest Challenge Yet

While winning a silver medal at the 2000 Olympics was certainly a big challenge in itself for Matt Lindland, coaching a team and fighting Jeremy Horn all in the same night will at least be Lindland’s biggest MMA challenge to date…

The Oregon native earned his spot on the Olympic wrestling medal podium the hard way, going to a community college before landing at the University of Nebraska and winning a 1993 Big 8 title. He then spent years with Team USA on the world circuit, culminating in a silver medal at 167 pounds in Greco-Roman competition in Sydney in 2000.

Now, well into a mixed martial arts career in which he’s long been ranked one of the world’s top middleweights, Lindland is taking on a new challenge: coaching an MMA team. Lindland’s Portland Wolfpack of the International Fight League debuts Saturday night at the Memorial Coliseum in Portland, facing the Seattle Tigersharks in the first round of the 2006 World Team Championships, and he’ll face well-respected veteran Jeremy Horn in the Superfight main event.

“In some ways, this is nothing new,” said Lindland, one of the head trainers in the elite Team Quest camp in Gresham, OR. “A lot of this is stuff I’d be working on with the guys in the gym anyway. But the IFL is introducing the team concept to MMA, and it is really paying off in our training. There’s a real energy around the gym because everyone’s working toward the same goal. Usually, I’m working with one guy who’s getting ready to fight in Japan and one who’s going to New Jersey. But with everyone focused on fighting at home on Saturday, it is bringing out the best in us.”

Lindland can go a long way toward putting the IFL on the map Saturday. Lindland’s opponent, Horn, who once defeated Chuck Liddell, is one of the smartest fighters in the game, and the matchup of his jiu-jitsu and Lindland’s wrestling makes an intruiging matchup for ground fighting fans.

“It’s going to be brutality,” said Lindland. “I promise you that. Everyone knows Jeremy can bring it and everyone knows I can bring it. I’m going to take it to him, so I hope he’s ready.”


FSN to Show Miletich-Gracie

Fresh off a new broadcasting deal with Fox Sports Net, the IFL has also announced that the coverage will include a 2-hour special on the Best Damn Sports Show Period. While details of the entire show have not yet been released, it has been determined that the show will feature Pat Miletich’s MMA return against Renzo Gracie.

IFL Matchups Announced

The International Fight League has announced the matchups set to take place at the International Fight League World Team Championships in Moline, Illinois on September 23rd. The event will be headlined by a match between mixed martial arts legends and superstars Renzo Gracie and Pat Miletich. Also Gracie’s Pitbulls will battle Miletich’s Silverbacks and Frank Shamrock’s Razor Claws will battle Carlos Newton’s Dragons.

Pitbulls vs. Silverbacks
Marcio Feitosa vs. Bart Palaszewski
Rory Markham vs. TBA
Delson Heleno vs. Ryan McGivern
Andre Gusmao vs. Mike Ciesnolevicz
Bryan Vitell vs. Ben Rothwell

Razorclaws vs. Dragons
Josh Odom vs. Rob Di Censo
Ray Steinbeiss vs. Claude Patrick
Brian Ebersole vs. Joe Doerksen
Raphael Davis vs. Brent Beauparlant
Dwayne Compton vs. Wojtek Kaszowski

Renzo Gracie vs. Pat Miletich

Will Gumby Get Arrested?

Matt Lindland confirmed earlier today that he will indeed be taking on Jeremy Horn at an upcoming IFL event.

“The superfight signed is for me to face Jeremy Horn,” confirmed Lindland. “Neither one of us since we’ve started competing have been out of the Top 5, so with two of the best middleweights in the world going at it, it’s basically like a title fight.”

“He’s a sneaky son of a bitch on the ground I’ll tell you. He’s submitted Chael Sonnen twice, but I’m not as slow-witted as Chael is,” said Matt with a light-hearted rib to his teammate.

IFL Names Frank Shamrock Newest Coach

The International Fight League has named Frank Shamrock their newest coach this morning. Shamrock will head the San Jose Razorclaws. No announcement has been made yet as to whether or not Shamrock will be fighting one of the other coaches in the near future.

IFL Signs El Dirte

The IFL has signed former UFC middleweight title contender, Joe Doerksen. Doerksen will debut on September 23rd, fighting as part of Carlos Newton’s Toronto Dragons.

I’m sure Scott will be happy about this…

Rogers Sportsnet to Broadcast IFL

Rogers Sportsnet has gained the rights to broadcast the International Fight League (IFL) shows. The shows were originally aired on Fox Sports Net.

Rogers Sportsnet Pacific
7/13/2006 midnight – 1:00am
7/16/2006 11:00pm – midnight
8/3/2006 midnight – 1:00am

Rogers Sportsnet West
7/16/2006 10:00pm – 11:00pm
7/31/2006 1am – 2am
8/7/2006 1am – 2am

Rogers Sportsnet Ontario
7/16/2006 10:00pm – 11:00pm
7/17/2006 8:00 pm – 9:00pm
7/18/2006 8:00 pm – 9:00pm
7/24/2006 8:00 pm – 9:00pm
7/25/2006 8:00 pm – 9:00pm

Rogers Sportsnet East

7/16/2006 10:00 pm – 11:00pm
*Broadcast times all Eastern

Pat Miletich’s Statement in the UFC-IFL Court Case

Pat Miletich’s statements in the UFC-IFL court case have finally been released covering threats made by Dana White to events that took place during the making of the IFL.

Allan Goes and Joins IFL

MMA veteran Allan Goes has signed with the IFL and will become a member of Maurice Smith’s Tiger Sharks. Goes is scheduled to fight in the promotion’s fall tournament on September 9th.

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