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UFC 65 Post-Fight Media Roundup

As the days go by the UFC continously grows and so does the mainstream media coverage. Last night fans saw a passing of the torch in the welterweight division.

Here are some links to keep you dialed in…

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UFC: GSP Dethrones Hughes; Sylvia Outpoints Monson
Sherdog: French Toasted: St. Pierre Ends Hughes’ UFC Reign
MMAWeekly: What A Rush: Georges St. Pierre Wins The Welterweight Title
InsideFighting: St. Pierre Wins Title, Sylvia Retains His and Vera Becomes #1 Contender

St. Pierre Takes the Title

Last night fans saw a passing of the torch as UFC welterweight superstar Georges “Rush” St. Pierre destroyed Matt Hughes early in the 2nd round. 

In what turned out to be one of the best UFC events in quite some time about 15,000 fans packed the ARCO Arena in Sacramento, California to witness one of the most anticipated fights in UFC history; Hughes and St. Pierre didn’t disappoint.

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UFC 65 Media Roundup

It seems that every UFC event is growing in coverage as the year goes on. Of course Georges St. Pierre rematching Matt Hughes for the UFC Welterweight Title might be helping things a little bit too…

Here’s a few links to fill you in on what sports writers around the country are saying about the event:

UFC: It’s Redemption, not Revenge on the Mind of Georges St. Pierre
FOX Sports: Hughes-St. Pierre: UFC’s match of the year?
Sherdog: A Self-Made “Maine-iac”
MMA Weekly: Tim Sylvia Ready to Ascend Beyond Belt
The Fight Network: Monson Plans Hostile Takeover of UFC Crown
Houston Chronicle: Matt Hughes intends to continue the fight; Monson prepared for last shot
Winnipeg Free Press: Opposites collide in heavyweight title fight at UFC 65 in Sacramento
Rocky Mountain News: Out of ring, Monson sits for anarchy
Los Angeles Times: St. Pierre is primed for rematch
Doghouse Boxing: Can Matt Hughes fend off the Rush?
Slam Sports: From idol to enemy UFC champion Hughes takes swipe at Canada over foreign policy
Las Vegas Review-Journal:  Monson faces tall task against Sylvia

Q & A: Jonathan Goulet

Jonathan “The Road Warrior” Goulet is a veteran of the UFC and TKO, holding a professional MMA record of 16-7. Some of Goulet’s more notable victories have come against Jeff Joslin, Travis Galbraith, Tony Fryklund, John Alessio, and Shonie Carter. Goulet is also currently the number one contender for the TKO Welterweight Title.

Goulet is a well rounded fighter who is versed in Karate and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and is a potent striker. His most recent fight was a loss to Josh Koscheck at UFC Fight Night 6. Goulet also recently signed a three fight deal with the UFC back in August.

Here is a short, recent question and answer set that we did with Jonathan discussing his fight with Koscheck and his plans for the near future…

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What If Shamrock Wins?

What happens if Ken Shamrock actually beats Tito Ortiz tonight? The Light-Heavyweight division of the UFC goes into disarray, that’s what…

Just think about it for a minute. Ortiz and Chuck Liddell are slated to fight for the UFC Light-Heavyweight title in December - Tito has already shown the public the contract itself. If Shamrock beats Ortiz, there’s no reason for that fight to even take place. If it still went as scheduled, there would be a huge uproar, the likes of which we have never seen before.

I don’t think that Shamrock would automatically get a title shot, but then again who would take on Chuck in December. I would hate to see Liddell have to wait like Georges St. Pierre has had to.

A very possible scenario could be this - Rashad Evans will take on Renato Sobral at some point later this year. Forrest Griffin and Shamrock would quickly follow suit. That would leave Tito matching up with either Stephan Bonnar (if he is permitted to fight which I highly doubt) or Keith Jardine.

Actually any combination of that could become a reality…

What about Chuck? Well this would become the perfect opportunity to re-ignite talks about possible taking on one of Pride’s top light-heavys, Wanderlei Silva or someone else…

Matt Hill of MMA Weekly has written a very good piece about Ken’s possible chances as well…

What if Ortiz doesn’t beat Shamrock?

Tuesday, October 10, will be the trilogy that finally ends one of the longest running feuds in MMA today. If Ortiz wins, he proves that he is without a doubt the superior fighter. If Shamrock wins, he throws a wrench in the entire UFC light-heavyweight division. It seems like almost everyone is counting Shamrock out…except Shamrock.

“I’m supposed to get beat, so if I get beat I get beat; but what happens if I don’t get beat? They’re going to have to eat some crow,” said Shamrock.

UFC 65: Bad Intentions

The Ultimate Fighting Championship has officially announced that UFC 65: Bad Intentions will be headlined by two title fights. Tim Sylvia will be defending his heavyweight title against Jeff Monson and also fans will finally get to see the highly anticipated rematch between Matt Hughes and Georges St. Pierre for the welterweight title.

“I’m pleased to bring the most exciting live combat sport in the world – the UFC – to ARCO Arena and to give fans two great championship title fights in one night,” said UFC President Dana White. “The Tim Sylvia and Jeff Monson fight is going to be incredible, and the main event rematch between Matt Hughes and Georges St. Pierre has to be one of the most anticipated mixed martial arts fights ever. I’m looking forward to Nov. 18 and to finally holding a UFC event in Sacramento.”

“I think this will be a great fight and that fans will appreciate this rematch,” said Hughes. “I’m already in shape and I’m definitely ready for St. Pierre.”

“I’ve been waiting for this fight against Matt Hughes for a long time,” said St. Pierre. “I want that belt so bad – I want to become the champion.”

Penn Talks St. Pierre, Pulver

In case anyone is wondering, BJ Penn is already on weight for his upcoming fight against Matt Hughes on September 23rd…

“I’m in good shape. I’m at 169 pounds right now,” said Penn regarding his conditioning.

Penn was on the radio this week discussing how the fight with Hughes came about, the injury to Georges St. Pierre, and possibly fighting Jens Pulver once again. He gave plenty of interesting answers to say the least.

When asked how the match came about, Penn said, “I heard that St. Pierre might be hurt. We told Joe Silva to let us know if St. Pierre is hurt just in case you need a replacement. He [Silva] called a couple days later and said it’s on.”

With the unexpected injury, St. Pierre’s loss became BJ’s gain. “George is a great guy, no disrespect to him,” said Penn. “He’s such a tough guy. He worked his way back to the title fight. It is sad that he didn’t get the title fight… I think he made the right choice. It’s good to be at your best to come in for a fight of that caliber.”

I’m guessing that he already knew he would be the one to get the call if Georges was really hurt, which he happened to be. I know that some have said that St. Pierre should have rested some more and given training shot but BJ is right about this - A fighter wants to be 100% for this kind of opportunity.

St. Pierre had a pretty tough road back to the title compared to some fighters that lost the first time around and only won 1 or 2 fights before they got another shot - Frank Trigg and Carlos Newton are perfect examples.

Penn was also asked if he would give St. Pierre a title shot if he was to win the title from Hughes at UFC 63. His answer: an emphatic yes…

So what about Jens Pulver?

When asked about possibly dropping down in weight to face Jens Pulver in a rematch (Pulver beat Penn in 2002) , BJ responded, “Of course. In a second… I’d do it in a second. I’ll do it anytime. Let’s do it. I’m ready to go.”

“I want to be known as a champion,” added Penn. “I don’t want to be known as a great fighter. I want to be known as the best.”

Very interesting. If BJ is victorious over Hughes, I wonder if he will go with his original plan to win the belts at welterweight, lightweight, and middleweight. That would be awesome to watch.

St. Pierre Recovering Well

In a recent interview with, UFC welterweight #1 contender Georges St. Pierre spoke about his injury suffered while training for Matt Hughes and how his recovery is going. Also Georges gave his thoughts on the upcoming fight between Matt Hughes and B.J. Penn. St. Pierre will be fighting the winner Decemeber 30th.

What was the story with your injury?
I pulled my groin ligament, but I’ll go to NY next week. I was wrestling and a guy grabbed my single-leg, it happened a month ago; I thought it was not a big deal, but then it got worse. What I did is I went to Las Vegas, I saw Dana White’s doctor, and he said that I wasn’t gonna be able to fight. So they’re gonna give the fight to BJ Penn on September 23rd, and I’m gonna fight the winner on December 30th. I’m gonna have a bad Christmas but a good New Year’s Eve.

Who do you believe you’ll fight in December?

I think it’s 50-50. I think if the fights ends in the first or second round it’s because BJ is gonna win, because I think BJ has got more skill, is more well-rounded than Matt Hughes, but Matt Hughes has got a bigger heart. He’s got better stamina and bigger heart. BJ is a quick starter, but when things don’t go well for him, he gives up – look at his fight against Jens Pulver. Honestly, I hope Matt Hughes wins this match, because I have already beaten BJ and I want my rematch against Hughes – my only loss was against him.

Hughes vs. St. Pierre Off?

The folks at are reporting that the long awaited rematch between Georges St. Pierre vs. Matt Hughes may be off due to an injury St. Pierre suffered in training.

An Oddessa employee out of Calgary has reported that Georges St. Pierre suffered a serious elbow injury in training and is more than likely out of his UFC 63 Welterweight Title shot against Matt Hughes. The Oddessa source said that there is a 90% chance the fight is off and even if it goes through lines have been affected dramatically due to the serious nature of the injury. has already taken the fight off the boards and is waiting an official announcement fron the St. Pierre training camp.

Update: is now reporting that St. Pierre pulled his groin and he’ll know Wensday whether he will be able to fight or not.

A Title Match Under the California Sun

UFC President Dana White held a press conference on ESPN earlier today announcing the rematch of Matt Hughes and Georges St. Pierre for the UFC Welterweight Championship at UFC 63 on September 23rd. The event will take place once again at the Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim. Hughes beat St. Pierre the first time around, forcing him to tap out via armbar at the end of the first round at UFC 50.

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