My Thoughts on UFC 63

Where do I start…

How about Lauzon knocking out Jens? At the pre-fight press conference, Pulver saying that he would knock out Lauzon, while Lauzon wanted to submit him. Pulver was the much better striker coming into this - It’s very surprising that he got a taste of his own medicine.

I’m glad to see that both the light-heavyweight and middleweight divisions have new contenders. I thought that Lambert’s experience would pay off against Rashad but as always Evans continues to surprise everyone. I thought that Swick had a chance to win, but I had no idea that he was going to control Loiseau at that.

I wish that Swick would be more professional and quit being so cocky during fights, especially after he was getting his ass kicked in the last round. He was forunate enough to be able to coast through the third and pull out a victory. I was hoping Loiseau would have stopped him to teach him a lesson but Swick’s chin has improved greatly since his KO loss to Leben back in the WEC a few years back.

The AKA really needs to work on their guys’ conditioning. Just look at Buentello, Swick, and Prangley - all three have gassed completely by the end of their fights. That camp is phenomenal in improving striking ability, but lacking in the stamina department.

Do I think Swick should get a title shot? Not yet - I really believe that the UFC is going to give him Leben next, it’s the perfect time and Dana knows it. I wish that Evan Tanner would shave his beard and start training again but who knows that is going on with him at this point.

As for Hughes beating Penn - It’s something that I thought would happen in the end, just not in that fashion. My respect for Hughes just about tripled after he survived the first two rounds, especially holding on in a triangle and armbar at the same time for over a minute - absolutely amazing.

I’ve heard rumors that Penn had a broken rib and that’s the reason why he wasn’t able to do anything in the third - I personally think it’s crap, especially how it was said to be done - when Penn was switching to top position on Hughes.

BJ was gassed, no doubt about it and it’s his own fault too. He can’t get away with relying on pure skill anymore like he was able to do earlier on his career. There are fighters that are just as good as him now and even if they aren’t, they will last longer than him if he is unable to finish them.

If I was BJ, I would latch to a new team or pick up someone who will help him improve his stamina in the cage. He’s not going to be able to go anywhere without it.

I hate to see St. Pierre make comments about that, especially after hearing his awesome comments about Hughes in the past. It’s sad that he was probably told by someone to say those things just to build up the hype for the rematch.

Georges is lying out of his ass when he says that he wasn’t impressed. You could see the worry in his eyes when the fight was over. Hughes stopped Penn while Georges barely garned a split decision against another completely gassed Penn in that fight.

MMAWeekly Radio is Back! has announced that the SoundOff will be back on air Tuesday, September 5th at 9 pm EST. The show went off air May 31st as SoundOff host and co-founder Ryan Bennett passed in a tragic car accident. Since that time ‘The Fight Network’ has worked hard to get things set to put the show back on air and they’re finally ready.

The show will be hosted by Damon Martin who is a regular writer on and he will be joined by Jeff Cain. It is still unknown whether Frank Trigg will be back.

For those of you who haven’t listen to any MMA radio, I definitely recommend checking this show out today at 9 pm. SoundOff has always been the best radio show around and with ‘The Fight Network’ running it I’m sure you can expect big things. Also unlike the Beatdown which is only on 1-2 times a week, SoundOff is a daily radio show which is streamed live Monday through Friday.

Pick Your Theme Song

If you were slated to fight in the UFC, IFL, or any other MMA organization and were asked to provide a theme song for you to walk to the ring to, what would you select?

I’d either go with Alterbridge - Metalingus or Matt Hughes’ entrance song for UFC 52: Slow Roosevelt - Boys Lie, Girls Steal…

Now Bas on ESPN

ESPN is keeping with it’s MMA theme, having Bas Rutten on The Hot List one day after UFC announced it’s main event for UFC 63.

From the Mailbag

Michael from California writes…

Last night Dana White proved himself the most honest and ethical person anyone has ever seen in a fighting industry. 

Ed Herman took it straight to Kendall Grove throughout the entire fight. He totally dominated the bigger fighter. Ed was able to avoid Kendall’s attempts in the first 2 rounds and still land bombs. He even took risks inside Kendall’s triangle and landed more elbows and knees in the process.

Here is how I had it, I gave Ed Herman the first round as he was able to take Kendall to the ground right away and work some vicious ground and pound. He got to the half guard at one point and continued to drop punches and elbows. The only thing Kendall did in the first round was attempt an armbar which was defended perfectly by Herman. Also Kendall got in a knee to the midsection and that’s about it. The rest of the round was spent on the canvas with Herman working the ground and pound.

The second round was even; Herman took the fight to the ground and got caught in a triangle choke which he was able to escape. Late in the round he got Kendall’s back and secured the hooks where he worked for the rear naked choke. That in my opinion evened out the round.

The third much like the second round was fairly close as well. Kendall was able to get a knee in right off the bat but Ed then took him down. Once again Ed was able to get Kendall’s back and secure the hooks. He attempted an armbar but Kendall powered his way through it and then took Ed’s back. He finished the fight on a very high note as he was able to sink in the rear naked choke and he had Ed in lots of trouble and was very close to ending the fight.

I felt Ed did enough to at least earn himself a spilt decision but a few things obviously weighed on the judges. In the second round they must have felt that Kendall’s triangle was enough to win him the round. Also at the end of round two Ed Herman was clearly gassed and he could barely stay on his feet. Ed did attempt to pull off an armbar in the third but it seemed as though Kendall had little trouble breaking free and he was able to then sink in a deep rear naked choke and end on a high note. That submission must have weighed highly on the judges and stole Kendall the round.

His GP game was working very well all throughout the fight. It was only at the very end of the third round when time ran out that Kendall got the choke off the ground. 

Yet all 3 judges scored the fight unanimously for Kendall Grove? Wow.
Clearly there is a huge bias against Ed Herman for his “cocky” attitude (that some fans like me appreciate) on the UF season show. However attitude has no place on the Judges scorecards. Kendall Grove could be the nicest guy in the world - he still lost that fight. And judging from the expression on his face I think he knows it too.

Saying Ed Herman’s attitude on the reality show is going a little too far in my opinion. As of late we’ve seen some very questionable judging. I much like you thought Ed Herman won the fight and afterwards I was in shock but this just seems to be something that UFC fans are becoming used too. The Nevada State Athletic Commission is providing judges who usually cover boxing events. Not only was the judging questionable in this fight but take a look at Ultimate Fight Night 5. During the live broadcast we saw Stephan Bonnar and Rashad Evans face off. Evans dominated the whole fight in every facet but somehow one of the judges had the fight as a draw. This happened more then once during the night.

This shows us that states like Nevada and California really need to establish a Mixed Martial Arts Commission. Also there needs to be more seminars and such to teach the various people how to judge and what to look for.

Dana White knew it too. That’s why he made things right by offering Ed Herman the 6 figure contract.

In my books Dana White is the real winner here. He immediately used his position of power and authority to set a wrong decision - right. What an absolute honest guy Dana White is.

I totally agree with you here. Dana White did know it and corrected the judges mistake by offering Ed Herman the Contract much like he did for Stephan Bonnar when he lost by decision to Forrest Griffin. At times I really question Dana White’s actions and some of the stuff that comes out of his mouth but this is the second time Dana White has answered the bell and made the right decision and I respect him for that.

Kudos to Ed Herman for controlling himself at the end and taking the loss the judges gave him in stride.

MMA Returns to Ohio

The Buckeye State has lifted it’s self-imposed ban on mixed martial arts and has formed a new set of rules including two weigh-ins before a fight.

Colorado Bans Amateur MMA

The Colorado State Athletic Commission has put a ban on all amateur mixed martial arts which is effective immediately.

Winningest Fighters in UFC History

Here is a list that Scott and I compiled a little while ago and forgot to post until now. It has been updated to include the results of UFC 60…

1. Chuck Liddell - 13
2. Tito Ortiz - 12
3. Randy Couture - 11
4. Royce Gracie - 11
5. Matt Hughes - 11
6. Evan Tanner - 11
7. Don Frye - 9
8. Matt Lindland - 9
9. Pedro Rizzo - 9
10. Dan Severn - 9
11. Tank Abbott - 8
12. Rich Franklin - 8
13. Pat Miletich - 8
14. Andrei Arlovski - 7
15. Vitor Belfort - 7
16. Georges St. Pierre - 7
17. Mark Coleman - 6
18. Yves Edwards - 6
19. Jeremy Horn - 6
20. Frank Mir - 6
21. Karo Parisyan
22. BJ Penn - 6
23. Jens Pulver - 6
24. Ken Shamrock - 6
25. Tim Sylvia - 6
26. Oleg Taktarov - 6

ESPN Profiles UFC’s Fight for Respect

ESPN Motion has a segment from Outside the Lines: Ultimate Fighting Championship Battles for Respectability

It runs a little over three minutes.  It’s about the UFC you know: little time needed to become a success, still fighting for a reputation as a “sport”.

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