WFA Releases Fight Card for December 9th Event

The WFA has released the official fight card for their event on December 9th in Las Vegas…

Quinton Jackson vs Marvin Eastman
Heath Herring vs Pedro Rizzo
Lyoto Machida vs Alex Stiebling
Urijah Faber vs Fabio Mello
Rob McCullough vs Fabiano Iha
Carlos Condit vs Jose “Pele” Landy-Johns
Antonio McKee vs Zach Light
Shad Smith vs Kit Cope
Jeremy Williams vs John George

Belfort Issues Letter to NSAC Concerning Steroid Charge

Vitor Belfort has issued a letter to the Nevada State Athletic Commission concerning the charges that have been placed on him by the organization stating that he tested positive for an illegal substance after his loss to Dan Henderson on October 21st at Pride’s USA debut event…

Belfort tested positive for 4-hydroxytestosterone, a substance that is defined as a steroid and is banned in many sporting organizations around the world.

Below is the letter that Belfort wrote…

In regard of the disciplinary complaint against myself about having violated section 467.850 of the Commission Regulations, all I have to say is that I bought a supplement called ‘Max Tribostak’ at Max Muscle in La Habra, California, which contains 4-Hydroxytestosterone. I had no idea that a supplement bought over the counter at a vitamin store would contain a substance that is illegal in the state of Nevada. This lack of knowledge is costing me a great deal, hurting my image throughout every newspaper in Brazil, which caused me to lose some of my sponsors, and most of all the risk of being suspended by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. I hope you consider my letter before taking any formal disciplinary actions.

Vitor Belfort

IFL World Team Championship Semi-Finals Live Blog

I know it’s a little late for this but the “super-fights” haven’t even gone on yet so I thought what the heck…

This is going to be a little different then our regular live blogs. I’m not actually watching the event, I’m just posting the results as well as my thoughts at certain points.

Just so I don’t get in trouble with anyone, I’m using Sherdog as my source. Well, let’s get started…

1:05 AM - Time to get caught up. Here are the results so far…

Bart Palaszewski defeated Ivan Menjivar - Split Decision
Rory Markham defeated Keith Wisniewski - TKO (Corner Stoppage)
Joe Doerksen over Ryan McGivern - Submission (Rear Naked Choke)
Mike Ciesnolevicz defeated Brent Beauparlant - Submission (Guillotine)
Ben Rothwell over Wojtek Kaszowski - Submission (Keylock)
Chris Horodecki over Ryan Schultz - TKO (Strikes)
Chris Wilson beat Jay Hieron - Unanimous Decision

1:10 AM - Some random thoughts…

- In case you haven’t heard today, The IFL announced Ken Shamrock and Ian Freeman as new coaches. Also MMA Weekly is reporting via an interview with IFL President Gareb Shamus that the promotion will be having a Grand Prix event at the end of the season…

- It’s nice to see Doerksen and Rothwell continue to their winning ways. I think that Rothwell will probably take the heavyweight crown at this Grand Prix event when it comes around…

1:18 AM - Matt Horwich has defeated Mike Pyle by Rear Naked Choke in the second round of their fight.

1:25 AM - With the above results, the Quad City Silverbacks have defeated the Toronto Dragons.

- I’m guessing that puts the Silverbacks in the championship against the winner of the Anacondas/Wolfpack matchup…

1:43 AM - Sorry about that folks, got distracted a little bit there…

- It has been announced that Aaron Stark has submitted Alex Schoenauer with a guillotine choke in the second round.

1:48 AM - I wonder if the IFL has given any consideration to contacting Dan Severn about coaching a team. I know that he is still actively fighting but maybe he would like an offer to settle down for a while and maybe consider finally retiring.

1:52 AM - Krysztof Soszynski has defeated Devin Cole in by heavyweight matchup, submitting him with an armbar in the second round.

- I’m really surprised how well rounded these heavyweights are with their submissions - you usually don’t see that with the bigger guys for the most part…

2:04 AM - With Soszynski’s victory, the Portland Wolfpack have defeated the Los Angeles Anacondas.

The Wolfpack will now meet the Anacondas in the championship set to take place on December 29th.

2:05 AM - I made a comment yesterday about the IFL pairing up with Sandals resorts…

My girlfriend’s neighbor won a free car from Sandals. The only drawback? The car is painted with an ocean scene and has ‘Sandals’ all over the car about 20 times…

Keep in mind that I’m seeing this stuff in the suburbs, I can only imagine what the advertising must be like in the city of Philadelphia. Sandals is blowing up, marketing geniuses in the new age, I say!

2:30 AM - I’m really getting tired but I’ll stick it out for anyone that is hopefully reading.

- The results of the first super-fight of the night are in: Allan Goes is victorious over Daniel Gracie by way of TKO in the second round. Strange, I thought that the winner would finish the fight by a submission if it went that route. Both fighters are well-rounded however, I should have thought twice.

3:00 AM - The event is now over…

- Mike Whitehead disposed over Mark Kerr rather quickly, stopping him in the first round with strikes. Again, I must say that the heavyweights in this organization are rather impressive…

3:01 AM - Time to pass out, later peoples…

IFL Announces Plans for Grand Prix

The IFL made a pretty big announcement on MMA Weekly Radio this week, laying out plans for a Grand Prix at the end of this season.

IFL President Gareb Shamus broke down the format in which the event would take place on the program:

“After the season, we’re going to have a Grand Prix tournament. We’re going to take the top four guys in each weight class and have one event that narrows it down to the top two guys in each weight class. Then we’ll have a finals where we’ll narrow it down to the top guy in each weight class. This way we will have our champion.”

That’s a pretty good way of handing out belts in my opinion…

Couture Returns to Action

Randy Couture will be returning to action on November 17th in Los Angeles in a different style of fighting - He will be fighting in the PSL: The Professional Submission League.

Couture will go up against Ronaldo Souza in a submission wrestling match at PSL: X-Mission

Couture voiced his excitment about the opportunity:

“It’s a fun opportunity for me to get into grappling. I never had the chance to do the competitive grappling stuff because of fighting,” said Couture. “I’m looking at it as something to motivate me to go to the gym, continue to train and just enjoy the competition.”

“Training is going pretty well,” added Couture. “I’m crawling back into shape, getting my sprints in and getting back into competitive shape.”

‘The Natural’ also discussed his opponent and his plans to prepare for the bout in terms of weight issues…

“He’s [“Jacare”] not terribly big, he’s 185-190 pounds. He’s a very accomplished Jiu-Jitsu practitioner. It should be very competitive,” commented Randy. “I’m going to come down to 225 [pounds] for the match. I’m around 230 right now so that shouldn’t be too big of a problem.”

Leben-MacDonald at UFC 66?

Sherdog is reporting that Chris Leben will take on Jason MacDonald at UFC 66 on December 30th…

For more analysis on this potential matchup, let’s bring in my sidekick, Scott White.

Scott, what are your thoughts on this matchup between two extremely talented middleweights?

The way i look at it is, Leben will have the advantage standing and Macdonald will have the edge on the ground. Macdonald can easily win the fight, its just going to come down to who imposes their will and excuses their game plan the best. If MacDonald can withstand Leben’s strikes and take the fight to the canvas he’ll be fine. I wouldn’t be suprised to see this one go to a decision. I don’t know much about MacDonald’s striking ability but if he is technically sound he may be able to stand with Leben much like Santiago did before Leben caught him throwing a lazy shot. MacDonald is a very big middleweight as well so he should have the strength advantage.

Spike Set to Debut ‘Inside the UFC’

The UFC and Spike TV announced earlier this week that they will debuting a new show on November 9th called ‘Inside the UFC’, a magazine that will have a variety of features.

Some of the topics that will be covered will be fight results, fight previews, profiles on up-and-coming fighters, as well as a behind the scences look into some of the fighters’ lives away from the Octagon.

With the comments of UFC president Dana White at the recent UFC 64 post-fight press conference, it would seem that Inside The UFC is only a precursor of things to come from the UFC. “We have a magazine show that we’re doing in November… It’s just another way to help promote the fighters and get more people educated on the sport.” He continued, “There’s a ton of programming coming. We’re going to blow your mind again this year. Wait until you see what we’ve got coming.”

UFC PPV Titles

There is no doubt that the UFC has came up with some interesting names for their pay-per-view events, they are infamous for it. No matter how many times they are praised or ridiculed for it, Dana White and crew still decide to keep using unique event titles.

What is your favorite name that the UFC has used?

What is the worst one they ever used?

If you could name an event yourself, what would you name it?

My choices:

Favorite Name: UFC 44 - Undisputed - The perfect name for the perfect main event, a bout between the heavyweight and light-heavyweight champions.

My Worst: UFC 47 - It’s On - It’s awesome that Liddell-Ortiz was finally on, but couldn’t there have been a better name?

My Event: Ultimate Ultimate 2007 - Yes, I’m bringing it back. It would be an open-weight tournament, similar to what Pride does. One of the requirements is that all of the champions must participate.

The participants:
Chuck Liddell
Matt Hughes
Sean Sherk
Tim Sylvia
Anderson Silva
Tito Ortiz
Andrei Arlovski
BJ Penn

Ortiz vs Shamrock 3 - The Final Conflict Live Blog

Yeah, you better be excited because Scott and I are doing a live blog for tonight’s event. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the form of comments throughout the night…

- As you can tell by my prediction, Shamrock is going to knock Tito’s hair black tonight people! smile

- The first fight of the night will be Matt Hamill vs Seth Petruzelli

Matt Hamill vs Seth Petruzelli

Round 1:

Hamill takes Petruzelli to the cage early on. They break only to go back up against the cage after a moment. Seth goes for a body kick but his leg is caught by Hamill and he is taken down. Hamill controls from the top but his strikes are limited by Seth’s guard. There is blood coming out of Petruzelli’s right eye midway through the first round. Hamill takes Petruzelli down after a short stand-up exchange. Hamill digs his elbow into Petruzelli’s eye, attempting to worsen the cut. Hamill then controls the top position, landing a couple of solid strikes just before the round ends.

- Isn’t Hamill’s elbow into Petruzelli’s eye an illegal move?

- Hamill started the first round looking for the takedown early. He showed that he was solely focused on that and nothing else. Petruzelli was able to defend well early but Hamill was able to eventually take him to the canvas on more then one occasion.

- Petruzelli worked a fairly active guard while on the canvas but Hamill was able to avoid any submissions. Hamill was able to land a short elbow/punch that caused a huge mouse under the eye of Petruzelli.

- With the takedowns and damage done to Seth’s eye I scored the first round 10-9 for Matt Hamill.

Round 2:

The two begin the round standing and exchanging strikes. Petruzelli lands a nice front kick that stuns Hamill and sends him to the mat. Petruzelli goes after him on the ground but Hamill is able to reverse position and get on top of him. Petruzelli continues to go for a triangle throughout the round. Big John calls for a clean break and stands them back up because of a lack of action. They exchange some strikes and Hamill takes Petruzelli down once again. Petruzelli’s eye starts to bleed again very badly. Hamill continues to throw punches to the body and try to make Petruzelli’s cut worse until the end of the round.

- I wish that Hamill would do more on the ground to advance his position rather than just lay there like a rookie Josh Koscheck.

- Petruzelli looked solid at the start of the second when working his strikes but as was the case in the first Hamill had little trouble taking him to the canvas. Hamill showed he is fairly one demensional doing very little on the ground after securing the takedowns. While on the feet Hamill looked terrible through slow sluggish punches all while he stood there with his hands down. Petruzelli’s cut was effecting him a great deal as it was re-opened. I scored the round 10-9 for Hamill due to the takedowns.

Round 3:

Petruzelli throws some high kicks to start the round. Hamill is able to take him down once again and controls from the top while Petruzelli pulls a tight guard. McCarthy stands the two up again and Petruzelli quickly secures a guillotine but Hamill is able to get out of it with ease. Hamill starts bleeding underneath of his eye as well. Hamill gets back onto top position as Petruzelli slips and falls after throwing a punch. McCarthy stops the fight again to check on Petruzelli’s eye. Petruzelli elects to continue and Hamill takes Petruzelli down with a hard slam. Petruzelli gets an armbar towards the end of the round but Hamill is able to get out of it shortly before the fight ends.

The judges scored the bout 29-28, 29-28 and 30-27 to the winner by unanimous decision, Matt “Hammer” Hamill.

Winner: Matt Hamill - Unanimous Decision

- Hamill continued the trend he set in the fight working numerous takedowns throughout the third. Petruzelli attempted to capitalized when on the feet and he was able to land a kick which cut Hamill’s right eye. Unfortunately shortly after he was taken to the canvas. I scored the round 10-9 Hamill and the fight 30-27 for Matt Hamill.

- Mike Goldberg announces that he will talk to UFC Middleweight Champion Rich Franklin later tonight…

- Next up is a middleweight contest between ‘The Ultimate Fighter III’ star Ed “Short Fuse” Herman and Canadian born middleweight Jason “The Athlete” MacDonald.

Ed Herman vs Jason MacDonald

Round 1:

The two quickly tie up against the cage and Herman is able to take him down with a sweep. MacDonald gets on top and locks in a kimura but Herman is able to shake it off pretty quickly. They stand up for a short moment but MacDonald takes Herman down. MacDonald locks in a triangle that Herman is unable to get out of no matter how hard he tries. MacDonald opens the top of Herman’s forehead up with an elbow and blood starts leaking out on to the mat and on top of MacDonald. After holding on for about a minute, Herman is finally forced to tap out.

Winner: Jason MacDonald - Submission (Triangle)

- Fantastic showing by MacDonald…

- Excellent UFC debut by Jason “The Athlete” MacDonald. He paid his dues in smaller organizations and looked great tonight against Herman. I was pretty suprised to see how solid he was on the ground and at this point I am happy to say I picked MacDonald. smile

- Jorge Alonso? Where is Herb Dean or Mario

- Update…maybe it is best Herb Dean isn’t here because Shamrock would probably murder him after his call in Shamrock-Ortiz II.

- Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan interview Rich Franklin who assures everyone that he is ready for Saturday…

Kendall Grove vs Chris Price

Round 1:

The two start the fight standing and each land a few solid punches each. They clinch and go up against the fence where Grove takes Price down. Grove struggles to get past Price’s legs and eventually goes for a foot lock but Price is able to sneak out of it. They continue to grapple on the ground - Grove presses Price up against the fence and mounts him, landing a number of hard blows. Grove continues to punish while Price covers up, landing countless unanswered shots until the referee jumps in and stops the fight.

Winner: Kendall Grove - Submission (Strikes)

- It looked like it was going to be another questionable stoppage but Price looked hurt while he was knelt down on the ground. Actually nevermind, he tapped…

- 6’6 and 6’3 for middleweights??? Wow…

- Kendall looked great early in the fight working some hard strikes and takedowns. He rained down some hard shots while posturing up in Price’s guard before eventually securing the mount late in the fight. Kendall is a great job raining down some hard elbows. Price tried to use to use the fence to escape but was unable and the fight was eventually stopped as Price tapped out. Kendall looked great in his second UFC appearance…

- Kendall Grove states in his post-fight interview that he’d like to fight Rory Singer.

- Next up is the fight we’ve all been waiting for “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” Tito Ortiz versus “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” Ken Shamrock.

Tito Ortiz vs Ken Shamrock

- Ken Shamrock is the first fighter to make his way to the octagon accompanied by the same entrance music he walked out to during the Ortiz vs Shamrock II fight. Shamrock looks focused and ready.

- Ortiz uses the same entrance as well…

- Ortiz looks ready as he gets the crowd into it by waving his flag and tossing his clothes into the crowd.

Round 1:

They clinch early and Tito muscles Shamrock to the fence. Ortiz takes him down and presses him against the fence - for a moment it looks exactly like the fight in June. Tito lands some nice punches to the body and face as well as some elbows. Shamrock controls Ortiz in his guard well until Tito gets loose and he lands a number of unanswered blows. Shamrock stops defending himself and McCarthy is forced to stop the fight. Afterwards Shamrock walks over to a hesitant Ortiz and shakes his hand. The two hug, exchange some words, and Tito and Ken walk around the Octagon with their hands raised.

Winner: Tito Ortiz - TKO

- Ken came in looking very calm and composed. When they first clinched Tito showed he is clearly the strong fighter as he overpowered Ken and jammed him up against the cage. Ken spun for a leg but was unsuccessful. Tito then works his patented ground and pound landing elbows from the guard he finished Shamrock off with a combination of elbows and punches.

Afterwards it was nice to see Tito and Ken embrace each other and bury that hatchet. Both fighters showed a great deal of respect shaking hands and thanking one another for the fight. Kudos to Tito and Ken and thanks for the great battles.

- In Ken’s post-fight interview he announces that it’ll be his last time in the octagon.

- Ortiz comes up and thanks Ken for what he has done in the sport and wishs him the best.

Be sure to check in with us Saturday night as we’ll be providing you folks with another ‘Live Blog’ for UFC 64: Unstoppable.

Ortiz vs Shamrock 3 - The Final Conflict Predictions

Here are our predictions (the winners) for tonight’s UFC event on Spike…

John Chandler:

Ken Shamrock
Kendall Grove
Seth Petruzelli
Ed Herman
Nathan Marquardt
Rory Singer
John Alessio
Dustin Hazelett
Forrest Petz

Scott White:

Tito Ortiz
Chris Price
Matt Hamill
Jason MacDonald
Nathan Marquardt
Rory Singer
John Alessio
Tony DeSouza
Forrest Petz

What about your predictions readers?

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