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EC 68 Results

Here are the results for Extreme Challenge 68, which took place this past Saturday night…

UFC 61 Recap

The opening bout of the evening was Yves Edwards vs. Joe “Daddy” Stevenson. Coming into this fight I had picked Yves Edwards to be the winner. I didn’t think Stevenson would be able to handle Edwards striking but he proved me wrong. Edwards had a good first round working his strikes where we saw him land a few lefts along with a good head kick. At the end of the round we even saw Edwards attempt a triangle and an omaplata.

In the second round Joe Stevenson showed us he is the real deal at 155. He put Edwards on his back and worked some vicious ground and pound. Stevenson was able to land a huge elbow which opened up a nasty gash on the top of Edwards head. The blood was literally pouring from Edwards scalp. He showed great heart deciding to continue after he was taken to his corner in the middle of the round to check the cut. Once the fight started up again Stevenson continued to ground and pound Edwards until the bell. Afterwards there was a pool of blood left on the canvas. The doctors checked the cut between rounds and decided to call the fight. Stevenson was given the win due to a doctor stoppage (cut).

Next we saw former UFC HW Champion Frank Mir take on Dan “The Sandman” Christison. This fight really lacked explosiveness. Both fighters looked tired and sloppy throughout the balance of the fight. Each guy had their moments in the fight whether it was the odd combination or submission attempt but otherwise it was a fairly embarrassing showing for both guys. Mir ended up pulling of a unanimous decision. This fight showed the Frank Mir is a shell of his former self. He no longer seems to have what it takes to get himself back to the top. Before the motorcycle accident Mir weighed around 240 lbs. Now he looks out of shape and overweight as he is walking around at 262 lbs.

Finally the fight I had been waiting for was on. No more staged shoving matches and trash talk. They were finally ready to get in there and get it on. I can say that I was pretty pumped to see this fight. Just reading all the pre-fight interviews and seeing the countdown on Spike TV had my blood pumping. I, like everyone else gave Shamrock no chance whatsoever. Just like everyone thought both guys entered the octagon and quickly took to the center. Shamrock started the action by charging in with a flurry of shots. Tito Ortiz was unphased as he clinched with Shamrock and landed a few knees. Ortiz then shot in, picked Shamrock up and slammed him to the canvas. From here he pushed him up against the cage and began dropping elbows. The first one landed flush and was followed by about 5 more unanswered blows. Herb Dean felt that was enough and called the fight off.

Afterwards Shamrock was pissed and felt the fight was called prematurely. I much like everyone else at the time was pissed as well but when you watch the replay Shamrock clearly takes around 6 hard elbows and does nothing to defend them.

With everyone in the arena clearly upset Dana White entered the octagon to address the crowd. Dana mentioned that he knew everyone was pretty upset and he felt he could cheer them up. Next thing you know Dana White breaks news the PRIDE Middleweight Champion Wanderlei Silva and UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Chuck Liddell will be facing off in November. I went absolutely nuts when he said this and it was awesome to see both guys in the octagon giving each other a good old stare down. Dana White gains a lot of respect in my books for pulling this off. Fans have been begging for a few years now and finally it’s going to happen. Kudos to the UFC and PRIDE for pulling this off.

Next to hit the octagon was Josh Neer and Josh Burkman. I can honestly say that I was having a lot of trouble focusing on this fight as I was so amped up from Dana White’s announcement. From what I saw in this fight Neer was able to work a bit of standup and at times he was even taunting Burkman. Burkman showed the better wrestling and ground skills as he slammed Neer hard a few times and worked from there. In the end Burkman did enough to garner the unanimous decision.

The final bout of the night was for the UFC Heavyweight Championship. I was expecting this fight to end up exactly how the first two went. Either Arlovski quickly drops Sylvia with that overhand right or Sylvia gets in that short right but I was wrong as the fight actually went the distance. The fight never hit the ground once. Both guys just stood there traded. Sylvia showed great footwork as he was able to avoid quite a few of Arlovski’s big shots. When all was said and done Sylvia did what he needed in the fight and was able to pick Arlovski apart and earn a unanimous decision.

In the end even though the Shamrock-Ortiz fight didn’t live up to the hype, I felt Dana White did a good job making up for it with the huge announcement of Liddell vs. Silva. Share your thoughts…

UFC 61: Bitter Rivals Results

Here are the full results from UFC 61: Bitter Rivals.

- Drew Fickett def. Kurt Pellegrino (Rear Naked Choke)
- Cheick Kongo def. Gilbert Aldana (TKO)
- Jeff Monson def. Anthony Perosh (TKO)
- Hermes Franca def. Joe Jordan (Triangle Choke)
- Joe Stevenson def. Yves Edwards (Doctor Stoppage)
- Frank Mir def. Dan Christison (Unanimous Decision)
- Tito Ortiz def. Ken Shamrock (TKO)
- Josh Burkman def. Josh Neer (Unanimous Decision)
- Tim Sylvia def. Andrei Arlovski (Unanimous Decision)

ECC 2 Results

Here are the results of Extreme Cage Combat 2: Collision Course on Friday night.

-Jason MacDonald defeated Jerry Spiegel (TKO)

-Victor Valimaki defeated Craig Sloan (Unanimous Decision)

-Nelson Riquelme defeated Rich Kanasevich (TKO)

-Shawn Marchand defeated Steve Skinner (TKO)

-Jesse Bongfeldt defeated Eric Beaulieu (Rear Naked Choke)

-Dave Scholten defeated Tim Tamaki (TKO)

-Bryan Edge defeated Josh Kyrejto (Guillotine)

-Jay Jenkins defeated Luke Hatfield (TKO)

Pride OWGP Final Four Set

With round two of the Pride Open Weight Grand-Prix now in the books, fans will get to see four of the worlds best fighters face off in the semifinals.

Ultimate Fight Night 5 Recap

Making his UFC debut, tough Chute Box fighter Anderson Silva was put up against TUF star Chris Leben. Many people questioned whether Leben could handle Silva’s strikes or not and they got their question answered. From the opening bell Silva looked dominant landing two right jabs that stunned Leben. He followed that up the some right and left hooks followed by an uppercut and knee which sent Chris Leben to the canvas. “Big” John McCarthy called a stop to the fight with Anderson Silva winning by KO at 49 seconds of the first round.

Mark Hominick and Jorge Gurgle engaged in a stand up war which lasted three rounds. Throughout the whole fight Hominick was able to stuff Gurgle’s takedown attempts and work his strikes. He threw many body-head combos and showed great defense blocking Gurgle’s strikes. Late in the fight Gurgle was able to work the low leg kicks but in the end it wasn’t enough and Hominick earned himself a majority decision.

Rashad Evans looked very dominant against Stephan Bonnar as he got numerous takedowns and had Bonnar on his back for the majority of the fight. Bonnar was unable to mount any offense on his feet as he was taken down at will. Late in the third Bonnar attempted a triangle and guillotine but he wasn’t able to finish as both fighters were just too slippery. In the end Rashad Evans earned himself a unanimous decision.

Rob MacDonald looked good against Kristian Rotharmel getting an early takedown and then the full mount. From there he was able to get Rotharmel to turn to his side which left his arm open, MacDonald was able to grab a hold and secure the armbar.

In the final fight of the night, tough Canadian welterweight Jonathan Goulet went up against Luke Cummo. Goulet looked great during the first round keeping Cummo on his back, passing his guard numerous times and landing elbows. Early in the second round Cummo was able to come out with a couple combos and ended up dropping Goulet. Goulet regained his composure and continued to dominate Cummo on the ground. As the third round started Goulet took Cummo down and continued to dominate until late in the round when Cummo secured a rear naked choke. Just when it looked like Goulet was done he got loose and regained top position. He continued his ground and pound which ended up being enough to earn him a majority decision.

TUF 3 Champions Crowned

Last night on ‘The Ultimate Fighter III’ Finale Kendall Grove and Michael Bisping were victorious and crowned ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ for their respective weight classes. Kendall and Ed went to war and Kendall pulling off a judge’s decision. Both guys had to fight off some great submission attempts as well as some ground and pound but Grove just seemed to be the fresher fighter. Afterwards Dana White decided to award Ed Herman a six-figure contract for his efforts in the fight. Michael Bisping teed off on Josh Haynes and eventually the ref had to stop the fight because Haynes was taking too many unanswered shots. Afterwards Haynes announced that he would be moving down to the 170 lb division. Kenny Florian made easy work of Sam Stout choking him out early in the first round putting himself that much closer to a lightweight title shot.

Mike Nickels def. Wes Combs via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 3:10 of Round 1
Matt Hamill def. Jesse Forbes via TKO (Strikes) at 4:47 of Round 1
Luigi Fioravanti def. Solomon Hutcherson via KO (Punch) at 4:15 of Round 1
Kalib Starnes def. Danny Abaddi via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:56 of Round 1
Rory Singer def. Ross Pointon via Submission (Triangle Choke) at 0:44 of Round 1
Keith Jardine def. Wilson Gouveia via Decision (Unanimous) at 5:00 of Round 3
Kendall Grove def. Ed Herman via Decision (Unanimous) at 5:00 of Round 3
Michael Bisping def. Josh Haynes via TKO (Strikes) at 4:14 of Round 2
Kenny Florian def. Sam Stout via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:46 of Round 1

Strikeforce: Revenge Results

Last night at Strikeforce: Revenge, the 10,374 fans were blessed with some highs and lows. The highly anticipated rematch between “The Phenom” and “The Demolition Man” turned out to be a very lackluster fight which had fans leaving their seats and heading towards the exits. Tyson Griffin was able keep his undefeated record intact by beating the very tough striker Duane Ludwig. Fans also witnessed a freak accident as James Irvin and Bobby Southworth clinched at the beginning of their fight, Southworth drove Irvin towards the cage door and as they hit it, the door flew open sending both fighters out of the cage. The fight was ruled a no contest as Irvin was injured and unable to continue.

Matyushenko Victorious

In only his second fight since his devastating KO loss to Andrei Arlovski, Vladimir Matyushenko appeared in Extreme Wars: Bay Area Brawl where he was able to pull out a quick submission victory over Anthony Ruiz.

Bushido 11 - Opening Round

In an exciting night of fights at the Saitama Super Arena in Japan, spectators were able to witness many of the favored fighters garner victories, with the exception of Phil Baroni, who fell victim to Kazuo Misaki, losing by decision.

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