Fight Results

Shooto: Champion Carnival Results

Here are the results from Shooto: Champion Carnival.

- Yuki Konishi def. Yoshitaro Niimi - Decision (Unanimous)
- Akiyo Nishiura def. Daisuke Ishizawa - Decision (Unanimous)
- Ganjo Tentsuku def. Takashi Nakakura - Draw
- Ryota Matsune def. David Lejenas - Submission (Rear Naked Choke)
- Akira Kikuchi def. Ronald Jhun - Submission (Armbar)
- Takeshi Inoue def. Navid Yousefi - Submission (Rear Naked Choke)
- Shinya Aoki def. George Sotiropoulos - DQ (Groin Strike)
- Shinichi Kojima def. Mamoru Yamaguchi - Submission (Rear Naked Choke)
- Tatsuya Kawajiri def. Per Eklund - TKO (Punches)

Joslin Makes a Triumphant Return

Canadian welterweight Jeff Joslin returned to action last night for the first time in over a year. Joslin took some time off after losing two straight controversial decisions to UFC veterans Jonathan Goulet and Jon Fitch.

Last night Joslin made his return against Nuri Shakir in APEX. Joslin come out firing early landing a crisp overhand right which was the beginning of the end for Shakir. Joslin teed off on Shakir with an barrage of punches and eventually the ref called a stop to the fight as Shakir lay face down and motionless on the canvas. Joslin was declared the winner knock out at 2:42 of the first round and with the win he was named the APEX welterweight champion.

Also on the card was a battle for the featherweight title which saw UFC and PRIDE veteran Jeff Curran going up against Wagnney Fabiano. Both fighters looked rather tentative on the feet throughout the fight but Fabiano was able to score numerous takedowns throughout the fight. One problem for Fabiano was the fact that he constantly failed to improve his position on the canvas. Curran came out firing in the third as he landed some good shots before they hit the canvas again. In the end Curran did enough to win the split decision and the APEX featherweight crown.

Fans saw the organization crown two more champions as Rowan Cunningham won a four man tournament to be crowned the Canadian welterweight champion and Mark Bocek won a lightweight affair to earn himself the lightweight title.

Two New Champions Crowned

What a night! When sitting here and looking back on tonight’s event I am lost for words.

The evenings event was kicked off with a fight between lightweight contender Spencer Fisher and 18-year old Dan Lauzon. Lauzon worked well early on but Fisher overcame his initial assault and returned fire with some good punches and knees. Fisher was eventually able to rock Lauzon and the fight was called at 4:38 of the first round.

Next up was a battle between the big men. The question coming into this fight was would Carmello Marrero be able to take Kongo down. Marrero showed he could do just that as he took Kongo down at will throughout the whole fight and neutralized anything Kongo had to offer. Kongo didn’t do much throughout the first two rounds but he look a little better in the third. In the end though that wasn’t enough and the fight was scored a split decision win for UFC newcomer Carmello Marrero.

After a tribute to UFC legend Ken Shamrock, Jon Fitch and Kuniyoshi Hironaka took to the octagon. Hironaka looked excellent early in the first as he caught Fitch in a triangle which he worked for the majority of the first. Fitch eventually broke free and he ended the first on a high note as he took Hironaka’s back and worked for a submission.

The second and thirds were a lot alike. Fitch came out hard each round and imposed his will on the Japanese fighter working some vicious ground and pound along with some good stand-up. At one point in the second Fitch took a shot to the face which caused he nose to bleed but it had little effect and the outcome was definitive as Fitch was declared the winner by unanimous decision.

To me Fitch showed a lot tonight. He showed he can overcome adversity and that he is touch as hell. Fitch got caught in a submission early but he weathered the storm and from that point on he controlled the fight with vicious ground and pound and striking.

Next up was the co-main event of the evening for the UFC lightweight title. Sean Sherk proved that the lightweight division is the proper place for him.

Sherk came out early and secured a strong takedown and that set the tone for the fight. Sherk worked excellent ground and pound throughout the whole fight and he neutralized anything Florian had to offer except for the little roadblock he ran into in the second round.

While working from the top, Sherk was firing off his shots and Florian threw an elbow from the bottom. The shot landed and opened up a big cut on the forehead of Sean Sherk. The cut had to be checked but the fight was allowed to continue. Blood poured out of the cut but Sherk jumped the hurdle and continued to pound Florian for the remaining three rounds.

Sherk was able to neutralize any offense Florian had to offer by taking him to the canvas time after time. Late in the final round, Sherk picked Florian up and slammed him to the canvas sending one final message to the crowd. In the end Sean Sherk won by unanimous decision and was crowned the new UFC lightweight champion.

Next up was the fight everyone had been waiting for, the battle for the UFC middleweight title between Rich Franklin and Anderson Silva. As the fighters made their ways to the octagon you could sense the difference in attitudes. Silva looked very calm, composed and ready while Franklin on the other hand came out looking pissed and uptight.

Anderson Silva dominated Rich Franklin from start to finish as he utilized a devastating Thai clinch. In one exchange Franklin was able to land a couple of shots but that was the beginning of the end. Silva worked hard knees to the body and head before momentarily releasing his grip. When he grabbed back on he fired off a knee that landed square to the face and broke Franklin’s nose and sent him crumbling to the canvas.

Afterwards Silva was very emotional as he was crowned the new UFC middleweight champion of the world. Franklin was very humble and he assured fans that he’d work his way back up the ranks.

In other action, Clay Guida put on a ground and pound clinch and he went to work on Justin James choked him out late in the second round after working some excellent ground and pound.

Yushin Okami moved one step closer to being middleweight contender as he knocked out ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ alumnus Kalib Starnes late in the third round.

Kurt Pellegrino set himself straight tonight after losing in his UFC debut as he choked out Junior Assuncao early in the first round.

WEC 24: Full Force Results

Patrick Kaase defeated Jarrod Kwitty - TKO (Strikes) 
David Terrel defeated Mike Moreno - Unanimous Decision
Justin Levens defeated Justin Hawes - TKO (Strikes)
Glover Teixeira defeated Thierry Sokoudjo - TKO (Strikes)
Poppies Martinez defeated Robert Breslin - Submission (Guillotine)
Justin Eilers defeated Josh Diekman - TKO (Strikes)
John Polakowski defeated Olaf Alfonso - Split Decision
Terry Martin defeated Keith Berry - TKO (Strikes)
Hermes Franca defeated Nathan Diaz - Submission (Armbar)

Team Punishment Dominates; Herman Upset

Tonight fighters and fans filled the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Florida to witness Tito Ortiz vs. Ken Shamrock III - ‘The Final Chapter’.

The evening began with a light heavyweight battle between Seth Petruzelli and Matt Hamill. The fight was a long one in which we saw Matt Hamill come out the victor.

Early in the fight Hamill secured his takedowns and he was able to land a shot which opened up a cut and caused a big mouse under the eye of Petruzelli. This was the beginning of the end for Seth. Petruzelli spent the majority of this fight on the canvas wiping blood out of his eyes while his opponent lay on top of him and mounting no offense.

The only bright spot of the fight for Seth Petruzelli was in the second round when he landed a kick that stunned Hamill and opened up a nice cut under his right eye. Besides that most of Petruzelli’s game was neutralized by Hamill’s superior wrestling ability.

It would be nice to see Matt Hamill more aggressive when on the canvas. He has excellent wrestling and usually has little trouble taking the fight to the canvas. When he gets it to the ground he stalls, he doesn’t mount much offense no does he even try to pass the guard.

One other thing I noticed about Hamill was his striking and striking defense. Hamill tends to lower his hands quite a bit leaving himself open for shots. He throws punches they are usually sluggish and slow. We saw Petruzelli rock Hamill more then once during the fight but each time he used his wrestling to regain his composure. Either way in the end he did enough to earn himself a unanimous decision victory.

The second televised fight of the night was a middleweight battle between Ed Herman and Jason MacDonald. MacDonald showed fans he wasn’t a stepping stone as he finished Herman early with a beautiful triangle choke.

Herman came out early and secured a nice takedown but we quickly saw a war of reversals until MacDonald went from the mount to a triangle. He then sunk the triangle in deep and began to work for an armbar at the same time. Herman showed alot of heart and held on for quite a while under MacDonald wrapped his arm around Herman’s leg so he could no longer move. Eventually it was too much and Herman gave in and tapped out.

Next was another Team Punishment member and ‘The Ultimate Fighter III’ champion Kendall Grove going up against Chris Price.

Grove looked great from start to finish. Early in the fight Grove worked his strikes well before the fight was finally taken to the canvas. From there was able to move to the mount on more then one occasion before he was finally able to secure the mount late in the first and start raining down elbows. Grove nailed Price numerous times and finally he tapped and the ref called the fight.

Afterwards Grove stated that he’d like to step into the octagon with his counterpart Rory Singer. Singer fought earlier on the show against Josh Haynes winning by unanimous decision. Singer and Grove had a little feud on ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ in which Grove wrote expletives all over Rory’s training gear. Grove wouldn’t step up and admit to it and Rory was furious.

Next up was ‘The Final Chapter’ between UFC superstars Ken Shamrock and Tito Ortiz. Both fighters entered the octagon looking calm and confident but as was the case in the first two fights Ortiz made fairly easy work of Shamrock knocking him out at 2:33 of the first round.

Shamrock came out and looked very calm unlike the second fight when he bull rushed Tito. The fight started fairly slow until the two fighters clinched in the middle of the octagon and Tito literally manhandled Shamrock and pinned him up against the cage. From there he took the fight to the ground and began the assault.

Tito worked the elbows from the guard before he finally switched to punches. He rocked Shamrock with a few shots and followed it up with a barrage of hard punches that knocked Ken out. “Big” John jumped in between them and Shamrock was clearly out after the fight.

After the fight it was nice to see the two fighters embrace one another and show respect. Ken clearly wanted to bury the hatchet and Tito showed alot of maturity respecting that and agreeing.

When Joe Rogan interviewed Ken after the fight he announced that it would be the last time he’d fight in the octagon and like a true gentleman Ortiz came up, shook Ken’s hand and thanked him for everything he had done in the sport and wished him well.

Undercard action saw Marcus Davis defeat Forrest Petz via a guillotine choke. Both fighters exchanged strikes for the better part of the first four minutes before Petz got caught late with a guillotine.

Thiago Alves put himself back on the winning streak by earning himself a unanimous decision over the very tough John Alessio. UFC newcomer Tony DeSouza submitted Dustin Hazelett late in the first with a triangle choke.

UFC middleweight contender Nathan Marquardt had a successful return to the octagon after spending the better part of 7 months on the shelf due to a suspension issued for taking a banned substance. Marquardt finished his opponent in the second round via the rear naked choke.

Update 10/11 9:00 AM - The media coverage for this event has been pretty big so far…

UFC: Ortiz Retires Shamrock with First Round TKO
Sherdog: Once, Twice, Three Times No Maybes
Miami Herald: Ortiz defeats Shamrock to earn title shot; Shamrock retires; Ortiz claims Ultimate victory
Boston Herald: Ortiz unlucky for Shamrock
Calgary Sun: Shamrock anything but lucky in loss to Ortiz
Houston Chronicle: Ortiz pounds Shamrock into retirement
CBC: More of the same as Ortiz wins The Final Chapter
Long Beach Press-Telegram: Ortiz tees off on Shamrock
Boxing Scene: Ortiz Demolishes Shamrock in Trilogy Bout

187 lb Hero Crowned

Roughly 10,631 ticket holders entered the Yokohama Arena in Yokohama, Japan to witness the finale of the Hero’s 2006: 187 lb tournament. All of the fighters showed and people got their moneys worth when in the end Japanese fighter Yoshihrio Akiyama was crowned the tournament champion.

The semi-finals of the tournament started with a battle between Yishihiro Akiyama and Kestutis Smirnovas. Even though Smirnovas lost his quarterfinal fight against Kazushi Sakuraba he was still granted a spot as Sakuraba was unable to fight due to medical conditions. Akiyama earned his way to the semi-finals by defeating Taiei Kin by armbar.

Akiyama looked great from the start attacking Smirnovas with vicious leg kicks that left their mark. Smirnovas’s body began to show that damage during the middle of the round as a nice welt formed on the left thigh of Smirnovas.

Akiyama worked hard to avoid Smirnovas’s combinations and then late in the first he was able to connect with a leg kick that momentarily dropped Smirnovas. He then quickly charged in and nailed Smirnovas with a head kick followed by a combination which secured him a spot in the finals.

Next on the slate was a battle between Melvin Manhoef and Shungo Oyama. Oyama’s semi-final birth came after he earned a decision victory over Rodrigo Gracie. Manhoef earned his way to the semis by beating Crosley Gracie.

This fight proved to be a quick one alot like the earlier semi-final bout. Both fighters entered the ring hungry and ready to engage. After a short feeling out process Oyama attempted a few wild strikes which were unsuccessful. The much bigger Manhoef then decided to attack as he rushed forward with a combination of kicks and punches which eventually sent Oyama down and out.

With the win Melvin Manhoef earned his was to the finals of the 187 lb tournament with a battle against Akiyama bubbling for later in the fight.

The finals of the 187 lb tournament followed the path of many of the earlier fights. It was quick and exciting. One thing to take note of was Akiyama decided to wear his gi against Manhoef unlike his earlier fight against Smirnovas.

Both fighters felt each other out early and then Manhoef charged in with wild combinations that looked to hurt Akiyama. The scene was all too familiar but Akiyama was able to withstand the barrage and take Manhoef to the canvas.

When they returned to their feet Akiyama kept the fight in the clinch until Manhoef decided to go for a slam which ended up being the beginning of the end. Manhoef took the fight to the canvas but he put his opponent in a prime position which allowed Akiyama to secure an armbar. Manhoef was forced to tap at 1:58 of the first round crowning Yoshihiro Akiyama the Hero’s 187 lbs tournament champion.

StrikeForce: “Tank vs Buentello” Results

Here are the results from Strikeforce: “Tank vs. Buentello”.

- Luke Stewart def. Jeremiah Metcalf - Submission (Rear Naked Choke)
- Cain Velasquez def. Jesse Fujarczyk - TKO (Strikes)
- Sam Spengler def. Francisco Magallon - TKO (Strikes)
- Mike Cook def. Carlton Jones - Submission (Strikes)
- Philip Perez def. Brandon Shuey - Submission (Triangle)
- Casey Olson def. Bobby Sanchez - Submission (Guillotine)
- Jason Von Flue def. Eric Wray - Submission (Arm-Triangle)
- Trevor Prangley def. Anthony Ruiz - Submission (Armbar)
- Josh Thomson def. Duane Ludwig - Submission (Guillotine)
- Paul Buentello def. David Abbott - KO (Punch)

Wes Sims Beats Kimo; X-1 Results

Wes Sims… Yes, that Wes Sims stopped Kimo Leopoldo by doctor’s stoppage last night at X-1. An pretty big amount of blood that continously streamed from Kimo’s nose caused the doctor to stop the fight in the first round.

The rest of the X-1 results…

Steve Byrnes defeated Joshua Ferrera - Submission (Rear Naked Choke)
Justin McCully defeated Derek Thornton - Submission (Rear Naked Choke)
Ed Newalu defeated Dave Moreno – Unanimous Decision
Sally Krumdiack defeated Brittany Pullem – KO
Alex Steibling defeated Auggie Paddeken – Unanimous Decision
Scott Junk defeated Corrie Salter – Unanimous Decision
Eric Pele defeated Vince Lucerno - Unanimous Decision
Adam Lynn defeated Mark Moreno – Unanimous Decision
Niko Vitale defeated Timmy Williams – KO

Cage Rage 18 Results

Here are the results from Cage Rage 18.

Zelg Galesic def. James E-Nicolle by TKO (Strikes)
Xavier Foupa-Pokam def. Alex Cook by Submission (Armlock)
Robbie Olivier def. Brad Pickett by Submission (Rear naked choke)
Paul Daley def. Sol Gilbert by TKO (Strikes)
Alexandre Lungu def. Mark Buchanan by Submission (Keylock)
Mustapha Al-Turk def. Henry Miller by TKO (Strikes)
Tony Fryklund def. Alex Reid by Submission (Heel hook)
Vitor Ribeiro def. Abdul Mohammed by Submission (Kimura)
Robert Berry def. Rob Broughton by TKO (Strikes)
Dave Legeno def. Kimo Leopoldo by Submission (Guillotine)
Murilo Rua def. Mark Weir by Submission (Side choke)
Ian Freeman def. Mark Epstein by Decision (Unanimous)

TKO 27: Reincarnation Results

Here are the results from TKO 27: Reincarnation.

Roy Doepker def. Dave Fraser by Submission (Rear naked choke)
Daniel Boissoneault def. Yves Lemelin by TKO (Referee stoppage - Strikes)
Dave Pariseau def. Jacob MacDonald by Submission (Kimura)
Steve Claveau def. John Fraser by Submission (Triangle)
Chris Clements def. Steve Pouliot by TKO (Referee stoppage)
Tyler Jackson def. Donald Ouimet by Submission (Tapout - Elbow’s dislocation)
Stephane Dube def. James Martinez by TKO (Referee stoppage)
Todd Gouwenberg def. Martin Desilets by Decision (Unanimous)
Krzysztof Soszynski def. Icho Larenas by TKO (Cut)
Mark Hominick def. Samuel Guillet by Decision (Unanimous)
Sam Stout def. Jay Estrada by Submission (Armbar)

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