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Silva, Sherk Defend Titles at UFC 73

Screens from ESPN’s recap of UFC 73

In order to remain a champion, one has to beat the best the opposition has to offer. Both Anderson Silva and Sean Sherk did just that on Saturday night, winning their fights in convincing fashion. With their respective roads now temporarily cleared, both fighters seem like they may stay on top for quite a while: a trend that we haven’t seen recently, at least in this upset-filled year.

UFC 73 turned out to certainly be ‘Stacked’ with action-packed fights from beginning to end. While the show’s production moved a bit faster than usual because of time constraints, each fight on the card equaled the pace. The majority of those in attendance at the ARCO Arena in Sacramento, California might not have agreed according to their unusual reactions throughout the night, but the event definitely lived up to the hype.

Anderson Silva successfully defended his UFC Middleweight Title with a first round TKO victory over Nate Marquardt. The fight was back and forth until Silva (19-4) connected with a straight left hand that dropped Marquardt (25-7-2) to the mat. Silva then got on top of Marquardt and rained down unanswered right hands until referee John McCarthy stepped in to halt the bout.

Marquardt stayed down on the mat for a few moments afterwards, obviously shaken up. Silva thanked all of his trainers and coaches during a post-fight interview with Joe Rogan. He also continued his growing love affair with American fans with praise and thanks as well.

“I love fighting for these fans,” Silva said. “I enjoy fighting in front of these fans fight after fight. They are always gracious.” Silva will now most likely go on to rematch former champion Rich Franklin this fall.

Sean Sherk won yet another five round unanimous decision and was able to keep his UFC Lightweight Title after defeating top contender Hermes Franca. Sherk (32-2-1) was able to control Franca (18-6) throughout the course of the fight, pressing the action and not letting Franca get up from the ground.

Franca landed multiple big knees to the chin of Sherk but was unable to generate any more offense than that. After the fight, Sherk stated that he was very impressed with Franca’s skills on the ground and his defense as well.

“Hermes was great on the ground. Definitely an awesome Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu guy.” said Sherk. “He did a good job of keeping his face from getting hit and kept me close the entire fight.”

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UFC 67 Weigh-In Results

Here are the results from todays weigh-in for UFC 67: All or Nothing.

Travis Lutter (187) vs. Anderson Silva (185)
Eddie Sanchez (229) vs. Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic (223)
Marvin Eastman (203) vs. Quinton Jackson (205)
John Halverson (155) vs. Roger Huerta (156)
Patrick Cote (185) vs. Scott Smith (185)
Terry Martin (187) vs. Jorge Rivera (185)
Frank Edgar (154) vs. Tyson Griffin (156)
Sam Hoger (206) vs. Ryoto Machida (203)
Diego Saraiva (155) vs. Dustin Hazelett (156)

UFC 67: All or Nothing Preview

Here is a preview John and I put together for UFC 67: All or Nothing.

Main Card Bouts:
Mirko Cro Cop vs. Eddie Sanchez
Anderson Silva vs. Travis Lutter
Quinton Jackson vs. Marvin Eastman
Roger Huerta vs. John Halverson
Scott Smith vs. Patrick Cote

Preliminary Bouts:
Ryoto Machida vs. Sam Hoger
Tyson Griffin vs. Frank Edgar
Jorge Rivera vs. Terry Martin
Dustin Hazelett vs. Diego Saraiva

Also be sure to tune in at 10 PM EST as we’ll be doing one of our patented ‘Live Blogs’ for the PPV.

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Fisher-Franca: On or Off?

Will someone tell me what the hell is going on?

Yesterday there was a thread running rampant on The Underground saying that Spencer Fisher was injured and won’t be able to fight tomorrow night. Eventually it was just written off as a post by your basic internet troll…

However even bigger things have happened today - While the UFC (who is traditionally slow at updating their website) hasn’t announced anything concerning the fight, many betting sites such as Bet Eagle have now taken the fight off of the lines.

Bodog still has the fight up for betting but Franca’s opponent is now listed as Diego Saraieva.

What makes this even crazier is that MMA Weekly posted an interview with Fisher today that discusses his fight with Franca. The UFC also put a couple of pre-fight videos on their site including the two as well. Of course those items could always be dated material…

I’m going to keep trying to find out what is really going on. If anyone has any information, you are more than welcome to leave a comment…

Update 1:45 PM: On a side note I was browsing through Sherdog and I see that we are being mentioned with the big boys now…

No sign of the fight being off on subfighter.com, mmaontap.com, mmaweekly.com, UFC.com, or sherdog.com except for this thread, so I’m not so sure yet. But the fact that some sportsbooks have dropped it is a little scary. But I would think by now that one of these mma sites would have posted an update.

Don’t worry Paul, I’m on top of things…

Monte Cox stated to us last night that Fisher was ready to go. I tried to contact him today for confirmation but attempts to reach him have been unsuccessful as of right now.

Update 2:00 PM: NBC Sports has now made the situation a little clearer and I now feel stupid for not thinking this way:

(Look under News and Rumors)

Much speculation has surrounded the status of Spencer Fisher, who is scheduled to fight in Thursday night’s Fight Night event against Hermes Franca in a lightweight match. A few MMA outlets claimed that Fisher had suffered a knee injury in training and would not be able to participate, and several sportsbooks took the fight off the board, but as of Wednesday morning, he is still scheduled to fight, according to a UFC spokesperson. The weigh-in is scheduled for 3:30 p.m., and his appearance or lack thereof will bring further clarity to the situation.

Update 2:21 PM: NBC is reporting that the fight is on. Now comes the debate as to how Diego Saraiva was brought into the rumor mill…

Update 7:45 PM: Sherdog is reporting that Diego Saraiva will be replacing Melvin Guillard at UFC 67: All or Nothing. Guillard was supposed to fight Dustin Hazelett but he was forced to withdraw when he suffered an injury in training.

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