Phil Baroni Discusses Steroid Case

Phil Baroni spoke with the media after being granted an extension by the California State Athletic Commission. Baroni’s appeal will now take place in October.

Sean Sherk’s Attorney Speaks to Media

Howard L. Jacobs, Sean Sherk’s attorney, spoke with the media after being granted an extension by the California State Athletic Commission. Sherk’s appeal will now take place in October.

CSAC Finalizes K-1 Dynamite!! USA Suspensions

The California State Athletic Commission finalized the suspensions and fines stemming from the positive drug results of Royce Gracie, Johnnie Morton, and Tim Persey after the post-fight testing for K-1 Dynamite!! USA on June 2nd earlier today.

As it pertains to Gracie - He chose to not submit an appeal his suspension and fine for testing positive for Nandrolone, a type of anabolic steroid. Gracie was fined $2500 and will serve his one year suspension.

Morton tested positive for unusually high levels of testosterone and then failed to submit a test for drugs of abuse to the CSAC. He also failed to appear in front of the comission in order to give an explanation for his actions. Morton was then fined $7500 and his athlete’s license in the state of California has been revoked. He is eligible to apply for a new license in one year.

Persey did not appeal his suspension after testing positive for the drug methamphetamine. Persey was fined $1000 and suspended for six months.

Sean Sherk Releases Statement

UFC lightweight champion Sean Sherk has released a statement today stating that he has retained an attorney and plans to fight the allegations that he used anabolic agents leading up to his successful title defense at UFC 73.

“At the present time I cannot explain the positive drug test in Sacramento California.  I know I have never used any steroids or any other banned substances, I am investigating possible causes of my positive test with my attorney.  I have never cheated, all of my success has come from hard work and dedication to my sport!”

If the suspension stands, do you feel Sherk should be stripped of his lightweight title? Cast your vote now!

Sherk, Franca File Appeals With CSAC

Sean Sherk and Hermes Franca have both decided to file official appeals with the California State Athletic Commission less then one day after it was revealed that both had tested positive for steroids.

According to CSAC Executive Director Armando Garcia, Sherk and Franca will be scheduled to have their appeals heard on August 6th, the same day that Phil Baroni and all of the other fighters that have tested positive in recent months will also be in attendance to state their case.

Garcia also stated that he spoke to Sherk on the telephone yesterday afternoon and that Sherk told him he had never heard of the steroid Nandralone until now.

Franca has already admitted to taking drostanolone in order to heal an injured ankle before the fight even though he has filed an appeal. The appeal is most likely being submitted in order to have Franca’s suspension time possibly reduced.

CKA: July 20, 2007

News and Notes

- Yesterday it was announced that both Sean Sherk and Hermes Franca tested positive for banned substances after their fight at UFC 73: Stacked. Should Sherk be stripped of his title? We want your thoughts and votes!

- After a fallout with Stephane Patry, Jonathan Goulet has confirmed that he has signed on with Ken Pavia and will be fighting Mike Swick at UFC Fight Night 11.

- Showtime and Pro Elite have announced that Mauro Ranallo and Stephen Quadros will handle the commentating duties for the new ShoXC MMA television show which is scheduled to debut on July 27th at 11 PM EST.

- UFC veteran Josh “The Dentist” Neer will be fighting Paul Rodriguez on Friday July 28th at Greenspark FC 5.

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- A little music from Eddie Bravo!

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Media Notes

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Fight Opinion: The Steroids Mess

Rock the Vote: Should Sherk Be Stripped of the Title?

Yesterday it was announced that current UFC lightweight champion Sean “Muscle Shark” Sherk tested positive for nandrolone, an anabolic agent, following his successful title defense at UFC 73: Stacked. Our question to you is, “Should Sean Sherk be stripped of the title?”

In the past we saw heavyweight champions Tim Sylvia and Josh Barnett test positive for anabolic agents and both fighters were stripped of their titles and suspended. Should Sherk get the same treatment?

Sherk, Franca Test Positive for Steroids

UFC Lightweight Champion Sean Sherk and his challenger at UFC 73, Hermes Franca have both tested positive for anabolic steroids according to the California State Athletic Commission.

Both Sherk and Franca have been fined $2500 and suspended for one full year. No word yet on whether or not Sherk will stripped of his title by the UFC.

They will have 30 days to send an appeal to the CSAC after which a hearing on the matter will take place if they choose to do so.

Greg Nelson, Sherk’s trainer at the Minnesota Martial Arts Academy believes that the positive test is a complete mistake:

“I’m fairly convinced that there’s absolutely been a total mistake here,” said Greg Nelson, Sherk’s trainer. “I have absolutely no recollection of anything of that nature. I know his training and how dedicated he is to eating and doing everything as pure and clean as possible.”

Hermes Franca released a statement earlier today to MMA Weekly stating that a report would be released later today that he tested positive for a banned substance that he willingly took the steroids in order to help heal an injured ankle before the fight.

We will have much more on this story as it develops…

Update 5:23 PM: Some more details on what’s going on…

We originally reported that both Sherk and Franca both tested positive for nandrolone metabolite. That doesn’t seem to be the case. Sherk tested positive for nandrolone while Franca was found to have drostanolone in his system.

Sherk’s suspension will last the length of his current license with the CSAC - 355 days. An additional suspension of 10 days will be added on if Sherk decides to apply for a new CSAC license.

Franca’s suspension will last for the remainder of his current license with the CSAC - 363 days. The CSAC did not state whether or not Franca will have to endure an additional suspension if he chooses to apply for a new license next year.

UFC President Dana White released this statement regarding the matter:

“Our policy on fighters using steroids, illegal drugs or any banned substance remains the same - you cannot use them,” said UFC President Dana White. “It’s not only unhealthy and unsafe, it is against the law. The UFC fully supports the commission’s efforts and we will continue to take measures that keep this sport clean and keep the athletes safe.”

CKA: July 19, 2007

News and Notes:

- Our rumors section has been updated…

- Cage Rage has announced three scheduled bouts for it’s upcoming Cage Rage 23: Unbelievable show on September 22. James Zikic will defend his Cage Rage Light Heavyweight Championship against Vitor Belfort. Mark Weir will take on Paul Daley and Joe Mac and Jeremy Bailey will finally go at it.

- The IFL’s Los Angeles Anacondas have announced that former UFC Heavyweight Champion Kevin Randleman has been named the team’s official wrestling coach. Anaconda’s head coach Shawn Tompkins has said that Randleman is also currently training with the team in hopes of making a comeback to active competition:

“Kevin Randleman might be making a return to the cage or ring,” says Tompkins. “I like training Kevin. He’s open-minded and we’re exchanging a lot of knowledge.”

- The following fighters have tested negative for drugs of abuse and banned substances following the post-fight tests done after UFC 73 by the CSAC: Mark Bocek, Chris Lytle, Frankie Edgar, Jason Gilliam, Diego Saraiva, Jorge Gurgel, Stephan Bonnar, and Mike Nickels. More test results will be released later this week.

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Armando Garcia Talks Drugs in MMA

Last week the CSAC executive director Armando Garcia joined MMAWeekly’s SoundOff radio to discuss a wide array of topics including drugs in MMA, medicals, and more.

SoundOff host Damon Martin raised the question about drugs and steroids in MMA and Garcia responded with a very insightful answer.

“I’m very concerned. If I told you anything different it would essentially be a lie. I am very concerned, when you look at the high number of positives it’s really scary and steroids. This commission here which is the biggest commission in the country second only to Japan in the entire world - never did serious drug testing or basically any real drug testing until we started the program. I mean just think about that and that’s the State of California and money runs all of these operations. I went to my department of finance and I went and brought them shows and I explained the situation - we went and established a very detailed process for drug testing and they bought into it.

Now I’m using money from my support fund. That means my regular budget. I don’t have money. If I fine a guy $500 for a positive marijuana test - that money doesn’t go to me, that money goes into a special fund which I cannot touch. So the efforts that our commission is making is we’re cutting corners to do as many drug tests as possible. We did implement a very fair and equitable anti-doping process. But you know what, do I have the money to test everybody for steroids and everybody for drugs of abuse at every show when we had 186 events last year in California? No way.

I’m sending the message out, we’ve drug tested everybody across the board in multiple shows and these are the results. If the results don’t alarm you when we come out with them early next week from March 31st when we started this program to when you get the stats next week. You know what, people are using drugs. People unfortunately are uneducated that drugs will kill you and will greatly damage your quality of life as you get older and it’s cheating. I don’t care how much you candy coat it, it’s cheating. Performance enhancing or not, an athlete who is looked up to by kids should not be using drugs. They need to grow up a little you know?”

The point of recreational drugs was also raised and Garcia said:

“I’ve had several methamphetamine - talk about scary. If you look at it, put steroids out and you say ok what drugs are they abusing? They are abusing street drugs - cocaine, marijuana, pain killers and methamphetamine. These things are greatly damaging to athletes.”

In recent months there have been a slew of positive tests including the likes of:

Royce Gracie - Nandrolone; suspended 1 year.
Phil Baroni - Boldenone and Stanozolol; suspended 1 year.
Bas Rutten - Hydrocodone (painkiller), Morphine (painkiller), and Diphenhydramine (antihistamine); suspended 6 months.
Lodune Sincaid - Marijuana; suspended 3 months.
Cesar Gracie - Marijuana; suspended 3 months.
Ricco Rodriguez - Marijuana, and Cocaine; suspended 6 months.
Diego Sanchez - Marijuana; suspended 3 months.

These are just a few of the many fighters who have failed their drug tests in the past year.


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