UFC Adding Featherweight and Bantamweight Divisions?

If you make your way over to the UFC website and check out their “Title Holders” section you’ll notice that they now have Featherweight (Over 135 lbs. to 145 lbs.) and Bantamweight (Over 125 lbs. to 135 lbs.) divisions listed. Could this mean the UFC plans on introducing these divisions soon?

It would make sense considering their influx of talent at the lower weights with the purchase of PRIDE and WEC.

Some notable featherweight fighters include:

Yoshiro Maeda
Jeff Curran
Hatsu Hioki
Takeshi Inoue
Urijah Faber
Mark Hominick
Norifumi “Kid” Yamamoto
Antonio Carvalho
Alexandre Franca Nogueira

If the division additions are true, the UFC may look to pick up Norifumi Yamamoto to run their featherweight division.

Notable bantamweight fighters:

Akitoshio Hokazono
Kenji Osawa
Manny Tapia
Antonio Banuelos
Miguel Torres
Kenji Osawa
Chase Beebe
Eddie Wineland

If (as this is just speculation) the UFC does plan on adding these new weights, the divisions could be featured on an upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter.

Update 245pm: Upon re-visiting UFC’s title holders page, the divisions no longer appear.  Were they just testing, or did someone jump the gun updating the website before an announcement was made?

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