Antonio Silva

Pele Defeats “Junior” Silva

This past weekend 3,500 fans packed into the PNE Agrodome to witness BodogFIGHT: USA vs. Russia. The card featured a super heavyweight battle between Eric Pele and Antonio “Junior” Silva as a headliner.

Coming into the fight, fans expected big things from the heavyweight phenom Antonio Silva as he possessed an unbeaten record of 7-0 with all of his wins coming by TKO in the first round. Many people expected Silva to continue his roll this past weekend but Pele had an answer for that.

Eric Pele, the star from A&E’s hit reality series “Inked” came into the fight in very good shape as he weighed in at 307 lbs when in the past he tipped the scales at over 447 lbs. Pele’s opponent, “Junior” Silva was also in great shape as he weighed in at a fit 297 lbs.

After a short stare down, referee Kevin Dorman, sent both fighters back to their corners to prepare for the beginning of the battle.

The fight started slow as both big men exchanged a few leg kicks. The pace quickly changed though as “Junior” Silva rushed in and forced Pele into the corner. From there Silva was able to tee off and land a vicious combination which had Pele hurt and forced him to run. Pele ended up falling as the two clinched and both combatants became entangled in the ropes so referee Kevin Dorman stepped in and called a halt to the action.

When the fight was restarted both fighters exchanged a few more shots and then “Junior” Silva landed a low kick that caught the cup of Pele forcing the ref to call a time-out. Pele was given time to recover while referee Kevin Dorman went to Silva’s corner to assure him he knew it was an accident.

The fight resumed and both super heavyweights came out with the killer instinct. They got within striking distance and both guys started unloading wild haymakers which had knockout written all over them. Luckily both guys were able to dodge and weave most of the shots. Pele was able to land one hook that looked to wobble the undefeated “Junior” Silva.

Both fighters survived the tough exchange and then for the second time in the fight “Junior” Silva charged in and unloaded a vicious combination of punches and knees that looked to have Pele in trouble. As Pele was covering up avoiding the barrage he decided to rise up and fire off two wild hooks. The second hook glanced off the chin of “Junior” Silva forcing him to crumble to the canvas.

Pele smelt blood as he saw his opponent go down and he quickly pounced. Pele began to tee off on the head of his downed opponent before he landed in Silva’s guard, from there he continued his barrage. Eventually Kevin Dorman had seen enough and he stepped in and stopped the fight.

Afterwards “Junior” Silva was clearly upset as he felt the stoppage was premature. Pele was given the TKO victory at 2:40 of the first round.

After the fight Pele told the guys at that he had a sense of fear early on in the fight and the initial attack from Silva really woke him up.

“Even when I was dodging his barrage — like I said I was scared — I just had those jitters,” Pele said. “He didn’t really hurt me. It was like, when am I going to let go? I could feel myself holding on.”

“His punches didn’t hurt,” said the King of the Cage champion. “I just needed to wake up.”

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