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Has the Weight of the Title Become Too Much for Anderson Silva?

Anderson Silva. Photo property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Like it or not, Anderson Silva has changed.

Gone are the performances that Silva put on against Rich Franklin, Nate Marquardt, James Irvin, Travis Lutter, and Dan Henderson. They have been replaced with passive-aggressive performances against Patrick Cote and Thales Leites.

So what happened to him exactly? Many theories have been thrown around. Some have said that the UFC hasn’t been able to provide Silva with opponents of interest. Some say that he’s just bored with the sport. Others claim that he might be too interested in Roy Jones Jr and is trying to find his way out of the UFC.

But one new possibility that has come to light is the pressure of keeping the UFC’s middleweight title. Silva has already passed Matt Hughes’ mark for consecutive title defenses and is now approaching his all-time mark of nine. Has it all become too much for Anderson?

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Jones Agrees to Meet Silva in UFC; Dana White Nixes Idea

Anderson Silva. Photo property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

It seems as if Roy Jones Jr and Anderson Silva’s constant quest to fight each other will never end, at least not at this rate. The newest development in the saga comes courtesy of Jones, who according to Silva’s manager, Ed Soares, would be willing to fight “The Spider” instead of the Octagon.

The idea still isn’t sitting well with UFC President Dana White:

“You won’t see a Silva versus Jones fight while Silva is under contract with me,” White said Tuesday. “I don’t want to say anything bad about Roy Jones, I like Roy Jones and was a fan of his, but he mattered like fifteen years ago. He’s not anywhere near the best boxer in the world. He must’ve spent all his money.”


“I could do it, make it huge, make money, but I could have done a fight like this when we were bleeding money [in the early 2000s],” White said. “The fight would make some money, but it hurts MMA in the long term. We don’t do that because we love the sport. That’s a Pride or K-1 matchup. It’s not what we do.”

This isn’t just a matter of White saying no out of the blue. According to the article, the management teams of both Jones and Silva agreed on terms of an MMA match before bringing the idea to White, who promptly shot it down.

While it seems that White would be crazy to do, one has to dig deeper into his potential reasoning. If Dana were to put on a Jones-Silva bout, RJJ would be asking for money, and lots of it. Possibly more than any mixed martial artist has ever been paid. The UFC is already reluctant to hand out the big bucks as it is, and a big payout to Jones could end up forcing other fighters to start speaking up for their fair share.

On top of that, everyone knows that even though the fight will be taking place under MMA rules, Silva would likely opt to stand and trade with Jones, boxing style. Silva has a much better chance with 4 oz. gloves on his hands rather than 16 oz. mitts, but remember that Jones will be wearing the smaller gloves as well. Did Dana make the right decision here? At least in terms of his investment, it’s very possible.

The Case for Forrest Griffin

Forrest Griffin. Photo property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Based on most of the reading I’ve done over the past 24 hours, it seems that Forrest Griffin is the underdog going into his light heavyweight superfight against Anderson Silva this August in Philadelphia. It’s probably for good reason too. Silva has the edge on Griffin standing and on the ground.

This isn’t the first time that Griffin has been in this position before. He was essentially written off against both Mauricio “Shogun” Rua and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, but ended up knocking both of them down the 205 lb ladder. Will he able to do upset Silva as well? It’s possible:

This will be a seriously competitive fight, regardless of what people are saying.  Forrest isn’t an amazing technical striker, but he is very good at throwing in high volume and overwhelming his opponents with his relentless pace.  This is only a 3 round fight, and his style tends to do very well on score cards.  Anderson can’t just take his time getting into this fight, or he could find himself down a round or even two going into the third.

Forrest beat Shogun and Rampage when they were ranked number one in the world at light heavyweight.  People find reasons to diminish these wins, but it’s an exercise in futility.  You can do it to diminish almost anyone’s wins in a sport as unpredictable as MMA.  The bottom line is that before both of those fights, people asked the same exact question people are asking now: “How can Forrest win?”  I admit I was one of them, I thought that Rampage just had too much for Forrest, but it wasn’t the case.  Even if you believe Rampage won that fight, you still can’t deny that it was extremely close, and Forrest performed far better than most expected him to.  Saying Rampage performed badly unfairly diminishes the fact that guys don’t just perform in a vacuum, they perform based on what their opponents bring to the table.  It’s no accident that lots of guys have “off nights” when they fight Forrest Griffin.

I picked Forrest to beat Shogun last year for the fun of it. I honestly thought he was going to get destroyed. I did the same when he fought Rampage, but only because I knew that Jackson eats leg kicks at will in almost all of his fights. Strangely enough, I’m getting the urge to pick Forrest again. Silva’s last two performances against Cote and Leites, are probably the biggest reasons why. It’s obvious that Silva is starting to get bored in the cage since very few are willing to attack him and allow him to counter. Despite the best wishes of many fans, there’s no guarantee that Griffin is going to buck this trend.

Forrest isn’t a better overall fighter than Anderson, but he does sport two qualities that Silva has been severely lacking in recently - heart and the ability to stay on course with a strategy. If the guys at Xtreme Couture can develop a gameplan that Forrest can follow to perfection, Silva’s reign of terror over the UFC might be coming to an abrupt end via a shocking decision.

Silva: “Franklin Isn’t Training With Me”

Anderson Silva and Rich Franklin. Image property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Reports circulated earlier this week that former UFC middleweight champion Rich Franklin would be using the services of an old rival, reigning pound-for-pound king Anderson Silva, in preparation for his upcoming catch-weight bout against Wanderlei Silva in June.

Franklin’s camp declined to confirm the news, which would have only escalated a growing feud between Anderson and Wanderlei, former training partners that now seem to be a collision course to face each other in the future. However, according to Silva, Franklin hasn’t even contacted him about training together:

He didn’t said any word to me about it, but he’s gonna face a Brazilian, so it’s hard that something will happen. I don’t have anything against Franklin [or] Wanderlei, both are great fighters. In another situation, I’d train with him, for sure. My gym is open for everyone. Whoever goes there can have classes and I won’t have any problems if he decides to go there.

I had to clean up the quote a little bit so it would make sense. I’m not sure how to take this. Tatame is a great site for news related to Brazilian fighters, but quotes are often skewed during the translation from Portugese to Englsih and so forth.

If Franklin and Silva really are training together, they could be keeping things quiet so the repercussions of Anderson helping another fighter get ready to face another Brazilian, and a former teammate at that, are relatively minimal. Franklin’s camp also using Anderson and Wand’s shaky relationship these days as mind games could also be a possibility as well.

Leites Preparing for Huge Test Against Silva

Brazilian jiu-jitsu ace Thales Leites discusses his upcoming middleweight title showdown with Anderson Silva, whom he has called the “toughest opponent in his career”, at this weekend’s UFC 97 event, which will take place at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.




Video: UFC 97 In-Depth Preview

In the above video released by the UFC yesterday, the two co-featured bouts on April 18th’s UFC 97 card are profiled: UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva defended his title against fellow Brazilian grappler Thales Leites and Chuck Liddell and Mauricio “Shogun” Rua colliding in a bout pitting two of MMA’s most devastating strikers against each other in a matchup years in the making.

UFC 94 Notes: Penn Set to File Complaint With NSAC Over GSP Greasing

B.J. Penn. Photo property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

If you thought that the war between Georges St. Pierre and B.J. Penn was over, think again. Penn’s camp has informed that they intend to file a formal complaint with the Nevada State Athletic Commission after officials spotted one of St. Pierre’s cornermen allegedly rubbed Vaseline on his back in between the first and second and then the second and third rounds.

“We are not trying to make excuses, but the NSAC needs to protect the fighters,” Penn told via text message. “They never notified us or completely wiped his back with water and towels.”

Various reports are circulating that following the conclusion of the first round, Phil Nurse, who has been working St. Pierre’s corner for a number of years, was caught by someone sitting at ringside rubbing Vaseline on St. Pierre’s back and shoulders. It has yet to be confirmed that this person was former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell, but “The Iceman” was the first to inform UFC President Dana White of the incident after the conclusion of the fight, which St. Pierre won via fourth-round doctor’s stoppage.

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Silva-Leites, Liddell-Rua to Headline UFC 97

Anderson Silva. Photo property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship announced yesterday a pair of fights that will headlined the organization’s upcoming return to Canada on April 18. Anderson Silva will defend his UFC middleweight title against fellow Brazil native Thales Leites and former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell will take on former PRIDE star Mauricio “Shogun” Rua.

Silva comes into the fight never having lost in the UFC. Since taking the middleweight title from Rich Franklin over two years ago, “The Spider” has won six consecutive fights, including a successful rematch against Franklin, title defenses over Nate Marquardt and Dan Henderson, and a quick win at light heavyweight against James Irvin.

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If Successful, Showdown With Silva Looms on Horizon for St. Pierre

Georges St. Pierre. Photo property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Ever since Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva each ascended to the top of their respective divisions, many have been calling for a mega-fight between the two, possibly to solve the question regarding who really is the top pound-for-pound fighter in the world.

Talks last year seemed to be premature while UFC officials were content to let both establish dominance at middleweight and welterweight, but now that standout contenders for both St. Pierre and Silva are starting to become few and far between, an eventual clash between the two is becoming more and more likely according to UFC President Dana White.

“I think anything is possible,” White said when asked about the possibility of the two fighting in the near future on Thursday’s pre-fight conference call for UFC 94. “Georges has gotta face Thiago [Alves] first, but yeah, anything is possible.”

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Fight of the Day: Anderson Silva vs. Yushin Okami

From the first round of Rumble on the Rock’s middleweight tournament in January 2006, here’s Anderson Silva vs. Yushin Okami.

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