Weekend Preview: Wang Headlines Art of War, ADCC ‘09 in Barcelona & More

Andy Wang. Photo property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Tonight’s Strikeforce Challengers event on Showtime isn’t the only notable event taking place this weekend. China-based Art of War will hold its latest offering on Saturday at the Cotai Arena in Macao with “Ultimate Fighter 5” cast member Andy Wang headlining the event against Tsuboi Atsuhiro.

Other featured bouts include one of the newest member of Greg Jackson’s camp, Rolles Gracie, challenging K-1 kickboxer Peter Graham and Sengoku veteran Michael Costa facing highly-touted welterweight prospect Simeon Thoresen.

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UFC Signs Demian Maia

ADCC News is reporting that the UFC has dipped into the ADCC talent pool signing current ADCC U87Kg champion Demian Maia.

“I am so happy that I signed with U.F.C. This event was very influential in me pursuing a fighting career and Jiu-Jitsu. i already trained karate back in the days and watching Royce Gracie fighting in U.F.C. I inspired me to this career. I am thankful to the Fertitta Brothers, Dana White and Joe Silva for the opportunity and their confidence in me. I promise to give my all to the event and the pursuit of the belt, I want to thank the fans as well and all my students and friends especially Paulo Vasconcellos for their support.”

Demian Maia is a middleweight hailing from Sao Paulo, Brazil who sports an unblemished MMA record of 5-0. Maia holds victories over the likes of Ryan Stout, Fabio Negao, and Gustavo Machado.

CKA: May 07, 2007

News and Notes

- Yesterday Roger Gracie defeated Jon Olav Einemo in the ADCC 2007 superfight. Staying on the topic of ADCC 2007, Robert Drysdale submited Marcelo Garcia to become the Absolute champion. Hanette Quadros won the womens Absolute division.

- This past weekend “Pretty Boy” Floyd Mayweather Jr. ended his war of words with Dana White and the UFC by providing an apology.

Mayweather Jr. swallowed his pride and sincerely stated to Fightnews that he has no plans of competing in any organization of mixed martial arts,

“I apologize to the UFC, sometimes we say things that we shouldn’t have said and I’m man enough to admit that. I apologize to the Fertittas, Lorenzo and Dana White (UFC owners). I respect MMA fighters and what they do in the UFC. I have no plans of fighting in mixed martial arts.”

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ADCC 2007 Final Results

Here are the results from the finals of ADCC 2007.

Mens Finals

Over 99kg:

Fabricio Werdum def. Rolls Gracie

Under 99kg:

Xande Ribeiro def. Braulio Estima

Under 87kg:

Demian Maia def. Flavio Cachorrinho

Under 76kg:

Marcelo Garcia def. Pablo Popovich

Under 65kg:

Rani Yahya def. Leo Vieria

Womens Finals

Under 55kg:

Sakaia Shioda def. Felicia Oh

Under 60kg:

Kyra Gracie def. Tara LaRosa

Under 67kg:

Hanette Quadros def. Kelly Paul

Over 67kg:

Penny Thomas def. Lana Stefanac

ADCC 2007 Semifinal Results

Here are the results from the semifinals of ADCC 2007.

Under 65kg:

Leo Vieira (BRA) def. Tetsu Suzuki (JAP)
Rani Yahya (BRA) def.Baret Yoshida (USA)


Leo Vieira vs. Rani Yahya

Under 76kg:

Marcelinho Garcia (BRA) def. Mike Fowler (USA)
Pablo Popovich (USA) def. André Galvão (BRA)


Marcelo Garcia vs. Pablo Popovich

Under 87kg:

Demian Maia (BRA) def. Tarsys Humphreys (BRA)
Flavio Cachorrinho (BRA) def. Romulo Barral (BRA)


Demian Maia vs. Flavio Cachorrinho

Under 99kg:

Xande Ribeiro (BRA) def. Robert Drysdale (BRA)
Braulio Estima (BRA) sub. Alexandre Cacareco (BRA)


Xande Ribeiro vs. Braulio Estima

Over 99kg:

Fabricio Werdum (BRA) sub. Darren Andy (USA)
Rolls Gracie (BRA) sub. Marcio Pé de Pano (BRA)


Fabricio Werdum vs. Rolls Gracie

ADCC 2007 Quarterfinal Results

Here are the results from the quarterfinals of ADCC 2007.

Under 65kg:

Leo Vieira (BRA) def. Jeff Glover (USA)
Tetsu Suzuki (JAP) def. Naoya Uematsu (JAP)
Rani Yahya (BRA) def. Bruno Frazatto (BRA)
Baret Yoshida (USA) def. Yoshitomi Mishima (JAP)

Next Round:

Leo Vieira vs. Tetsu Suzuki
Rani Yahya vs. Barret Yoshida

Under 76 kg:

Pablo Popovich (USA) def. Daisuke Sugie (JAP)
André Galvão (BRA) sub. Mark Bocek (CAN)
Marcelinho Garcia (BRA) sub. Kurt Pellegrino (USA)
Mike Fowler (USA) sub. Saulo Ribeiro (BRA)

Next Round:

Marcelinho Garcia vs. Mike Fowler
André Galvão vs. Pablo Popovich

Under 87 kg:

Demian Maia (BRA) def. Rafael Lovato (USA)
Tarsys Humphreys (BRA) def. David Avellan (USA)
Flavio Cachorrinho (BRA) def. Sauli Heilimo (FIN)
Romulo Barral (BRA) def. Chris Moriarty (USA)

Next Round:

Demian Maia vs. Tarsys Humphreys
Flavio Cachorrinho vs. Romulo Barral

Under 99 kg:

Xande Ribeiro (BRA) sub. Tim Carpenter (USA)
Robert Drysdale (USA) sub. Steve Rusk (USA)
Alexandre Cacareco (BRA) sub. Radek Turek (POL)
Braulio Estima (BRA) sub. Cristiano Lazzarini (BRA)

Next Round:

Xande Ribeiro vs. Robert Drysdale
Alexandre Cacareco vs. Braulio Estima

Over 99kg:

Fabricio Werdum (BRA) sub. Karol Bedorf (POL)
Luis Big Mac (BRA) def. Darren Andy (USA)
Marcio Pé de Pano (BRA) def. Marcos Oliveira (BRA)
Rolls Gracie (BRA) def. Mario Rinaldi (USA)

Next Round:

Fabricio Werdum vs. Darren Andy
Marcio Pé de Pano vs. Rolls Gracie

ADCC 2007 First Round Results

Here are the results from the opening round of ADCC 2007.

Under 65kg:

Leo Vieira (BRA) def. Sim Go (JAP)
Jeff Glover (USA) sub. Janie Ballard (AUS)
Naoya Uematsu (JAP) def. Javi Vasquez (EUA)
Tetsu Suzuki (JAP) def. Renier Nicholas (FRA)
Rani Yahya (BRA) sub. Darrel Mooley (AFR)
Bruno Frazatto (BRA) sub. Blair Tugman (USA)
Baret Yoshida (USA) sub. Eddie Sanchez (USA)
Yoshitomi Mishima (JAP) def. Renato Migliaccio (BRA)

Next Round:

Leo Vieira vs. Jeff Glover
Naoya Uematsu vs. Tetsu Suzuki
Rani Yahya vs Bruno Frazatto
Baret Yoshida vs. Yoshitomi Mishima

Under 76 kg:

Pablo Popovich (USA) def. Erick Dahlberg
Daisuke Sugie (JAP) def. Miltinho Vieira (BRA)
André Galvão (BRA) sub. Chris Bright (USA)
Mark Bocek (CAN) def. Drew Fickett (USA)
Marcelinho Garcia (BRA) sub. George Soritopoulos (AUS)
Kurt Pellegrino (USA) def. Nelsinho Monteiro (BRA)
Saulo Ribeiro (BRA) sub. Takafumi Hanai (JAP)
Mike Fowler (USA) def. Renzo Gracie (BRA)

Next Round:

Pablo Popovich vs. Daisuke Sugie
André Galvão vs. Mark Bocek
Marcelinho Garcia vs. Kurt Pellegrino
Saulo Ribeiro vs. Mike Fowler

Under 87kg:

Demian Maia (BRA) def. Yushin Okami (JAP)
Rafael Lovato (USA) sub. Marko Ellen (FIN)
David Avellan (USA) def. Michal Martela (POL)
Tarsys Humphreys (BRA) def. Jorge Santiago (USA)
Flavio Cachorrinho (BRA) def. Rick MaCauley (USA)
Sauli Heilimo (FIN) def. Dave Lavey (AFR)
Romulo Barral (BRA) def. Travers Grubb (AUS)
Chris Moriarty (USA) def. Haim Gozali (ISR)

Next Round:

Demian Maia vs. Rafael Lovato
David Avellan vs. Yarsys Humphreys
Flavio Cachorrinho vs. Sauli Heilimo
Romulo Barral vs. Chris Moriarty

Under 99 kg:

Xande Ribeiro (BRA) sub. Yukiyasu Ozawa (JAP)
Tim Carpenter (USA) def. Tim Boetsch (USA)
Robert Drysdale (USA) def. Mario Miranda (USA)
Steve Rusk (USA) der. Mischa Cirkunov (CAN)
Alexandre Cacareco (BRA) sub. Carl Bierman (AFR)
Radek Turek (POL) def. Nick Eckerman (USA)
Braulio Estima (BRA) sub. Tomas Szczerer (POL)
Cristiano Titi Lazzarini (BRA) sub. Anthony Perosh (AUS)

Next Round:

Xande Ribeiro vs. Tim Carpenter
Robert Drysdale vs. Steve Rusk
Alexandre Cacareco vs. Radek Turek
Braulio Estima vs. Cristiano Titi Lazzarini

Over 99kg:

Fabricio Werdum (BRA) sub. Elvis Sinosic (AUS)
Karol Bedorf (POL) sub. Joey Malone (USA)
Luis Big Mac (BRA) def. Rico Hattingh (AFR)
Darren Andy (USA) def. Pat Staniol
Marcio Pé de Pano (BRA) sub. Janne Pietilainen (FIN)
Marcos Oliveira (BRA) def. Bryan Vetell (USA)
Mario Rinaldi (USA) def. Miodrag Pele
Rolls Gracie (BRA) def. Naomishi Nagata (JAP)

Next phase:

Fabricio Werdum vs. Karol Bedorf
Luis Big Mac vs. Darren Andy
Marcio Pé de Pano vs. Marcos Oliveira
Mario Rinaldi vs. Rolls Gracie

ADCC 2007 Brackets

Here are the brackets for ADCC 2007 courtesy of

Under 65kg

Leo Vieira (BRA) x Sim Go (JAP)
Jeff Glover (USA) x Janie Ballard (AUT)
Javi Vasquez (USA) x Naoya Uematsu (JAP)
Renier Nicholas (FRA) vs Tetsu Suzuki (JAP)

Rani Yahya (BRA) vs Darrel Mooley (AFR)
Blair Tugman (USA) vs Bruno Frazzato (BRA)
Baret Yoshida (USA) vs Eddie Sanchez (USA)
Renato Migliaccio (BRA) vs Yoshitomi Mishima (JAP)

Under 76kg

Pablo Popovich (USA) vs Erick Dahlberg
Miltinho Vieira (BRA) vs Daisuke Sugie (JAP)
André Galvão (BRA) vs Chris Bright (USA)
Mark Bocek (CAN) vs Drew Fickett (USA)

Marcelinho Garcia (BRA) vs George Soritopoulos (AUT)
Nelsinho Monteiro (BRA) vs Kurt Pellegrino (EUA)
Saulo Ribeiro (BRA) vs Takafumi Hanai (JAP)
Mike Fowler (BRA) vs Renzo Gracie (BRA)

Under 88kg

Demian Maia (BRA) vs Yushin Okami (JAP)
Rafael Lovato (USA) vs Marko Ellen (FIN)
Michal Martela (POL) vs David Avellan (USA)
Jorge Santiago (USA) vs Tarsis Humphreys (BRA)

Flavio Cachorrinho (BRA) x Rick MaCauley (USA)
Sauli Heilimo (FIN) vs Dave Lavey (AFR)
Travers Grubb (AUT) vs Romulo Barral (BRA)
Chris Moriarty (USA) vs Haim Gozali (ISR)

Under 99kg

Xande Ribeiro (BRA) vs Yukiyasu Ozawa (JAP)
Tim Carpenter (USA) vs Tim Boetsch (USA)
Mario Miranda (USA) vs Robert Drysdale (USA)
Mischa Cirkunov (CAN) vs Steve Rusk (USA)

Alexandre Cacareco (BRA) vs Carl Bierman (AFR)
Radek Turek (POL) vs Nick Eckerman (USA)
Tomas Szczerer (POL) vs Braulio Estima (BRA)
Anthony Perosh (AUT) vs Cristiano Titi Lazzarini (BRA)

Over 99kg

Fabricio Werdum (BRA) vs Elvis Sinosic (AUT)
Joey Malone (USA) vs Karol Bedorf (POL)
Luis Big Mac (BRA) vs Rico Hattingh (AFR)
Pat Staniol vs Darren Andy (USA)

Marcio Pe de Pano (BRA) vs Janne Pietilainen (FIN)
Marcos Oliveira (BRA) vs Bryan Vetell (USA)
Mario Rinaldi (USA) vs Miodrag Pele
Rolls Gracie (BRA) vs Naomishi Nagata (JAP)


Under 55kg

Megumi Fuji vs Rachel Wheatley
Leticia Ribeiro vs Felicia Oh
Laurence Cousin (bye)

Bianca Andrade vs Jean Alvisse
Cindy Hales vs Saiaka Shioda

Under 60kg

Tara LaRosa vs Rebecca Atwood
Vanessa Porto vs Takayo Hashi
Laura D’Auguste (bye)

Kyra Gracie vs Caoimhe McGill
Haomi Akano vs Casey Blaso

Under 67kg

Kelly Paul vs Fiona Muxloy
Marloes Coenen vs Keiko Tamai
Heather Schmitz (bye)

Stacey Cartwright vs Emily Kwock
Hanette Quadros vs Shayna Bascler

Over 67kg

Rosangela Conceiçao vs Jennifer Guiola
Yoko Takahashi vs Lana Stefanaco
Molly Helsel (bye)

Shannon Hooper vs Penny Thomas
Celita Schultz vs MaryAnne Mullahy

*report provided by event’s organizers

Letícia Ribeiro Invited to ADCC 2007

TATAME is reporting that BJJ world champion Letícia Ribeiro has received an invitation to compete at ADCC 2007 which will be held May 5th and 6th in New Jersey.


“I got pretty happy about this invitation. That was the only feminine invitation. I think this is the recognize of my job I have been doing for a long time”

“Royler is in Canada doing some seminars and he guaranteed to me that will be there on my corner”, said Letícia

Females representing Brazil at ADCC 2007 will be:

Under 55kg:
- Bianca Andrade
- Letícia Ribeiro

Under 60kg:
- Kyra Gracie
- Vanessa Porto

Under 67kg:
- Juliana Borges
- Hannete Quadros

More than 67kg:
- Rosângela Conceição

Arona Hospitalized; Forced to Pull Out of 2007 ADCC

The ADCC official website announced earlier this morning that Ricardo Arona is currently being hospitalized with another round of symptoms from Dengue fever, the same illness that Arona contracted just before PRIDE 34. Because of this, Arona was forced to pull out of next weekend’s 2007 ADCC Championships.

Officials from the ADCC are currently searching for a replacement opponent for Roger Gracie, who was scheduled to fight Arona in the annual Superfight of the contest…

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