ECC 2 Results

Here are the results of Extreme Cage Combat 2: Collision Course on Friday night.

-Jason MacDonald defeated Jerry Spiegel (TKO)

-Victor Valimaki defeated Craig Sloan (Unanimous Decision)

-Nelson Riquelme defeated Rich Kanasevich (TKO)

-Shawn Marchand defeated Steve Skinner (TKO)

-Jesse Bongfeldt defeated Eric Beaulieu (Rear Naked Choke)

-Dave Scholten defeated Tim Tamaki (TKO)

-Bryan Edge defeated Josh Kyrejto (Guillotine)

-Jay Jenkins defeated Luke Hatfield (TKO)

WEC Benefit Show Update

The WEC has announced a share of the fighters who will be competing on the July 28th Ryan Bennett benefit show. The event will take place at the Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino in Lemoore, California.

Urijah Faber vs. Cory Cass (submission grappling super-fight match)
Keith Barry vs. TBA
Sam Morgan vs. TBA
Dennis “Piranha” Davis vs. TBA
Craig “Big Z” Zellner vs. TBA
Thomas Schulte vs. TBA
Mikko Rupponen vs. TBA
Doug “The Rhino” Marshall vs. TBA
Glover “The Brazilian Pit Bull” Teixeira vs. TBA
Nick “The Goat” Thompson vs. JT Taylor
Jake O’Brien vs. TBA
Poppies “Tachi Kid” Martinez vs. TBA
Mike Whitehead vs. TBA
Wes “The Project” Sims vs. TBA

Pride OWGP Final Four Set

With round two of the Pride Open Weight Grand-Prix now in the books, fans will get to see four of the worlds best fighters face off in the semifinals.


Reports indicate that Zuffa and HBO are in serious negotiations and are close to reaching an agreement that would bring the UFC to HBO.

Roger Huerta Off UFC 61 Card

Roger Huerta has been forced to withdraw from his fight against Hermes Franca due to an elbow injury suffered while training. Reports indicate that Huerta’s teammate Joe Jordan may be the late replacement.

Doerksen to Fight at Extreme Challenge 67

UFC veteran Joe Doerksen will be filling in for Nick Thompson at Extreme Challenge 67. Nick Thompson was set to face Todd Carney in the main event but he was forced to withdraw due to injury.

From the Mailbag

Michael from California writes…

Last night Dana White proved himself the most honest and ethical person anyone has ever seen in a fighting industry. 

Ed Herman took it straight to Kendall Grove throughout the entire fight. He totally dominated the bigger fighter. Ed was able to avoid Kendall’s attempts in the first 2 rounds and still land bombs. He even took risks inside Kendall’s triangle and landed more elbows and knees in the process.

Here is how I had it, I gave Ed Herman the first round as he was able to take Kendall to the ground right away and work some vicious ground and pound. He got to the half guard at one point and continued to drop punches and elbows. The only thing Kendall did in the first round was attempt an armbar which was defended perfectly by Herman. Also Kendall got in a knee to the midsection and that’s about it. The rest of the round was spent on the canvas with Herman working the ground and pound.

The second round was even; Herman took the fight to the ground and got caught in a triangle choke which he was able to escape. Late in the round he got Kendall’s back and secured the hooks where he worked for the rear naked choke. That in my opinion evened out the round.

The third much like the second round was fairly close as well. Kendall was able to get a knee in right off the bat but Ed then took him down. Once again Ed was able to get Kendall’s back and secure the hooks. He attempted an armbar but Kendall powered his way through it and then took Ed’s back. He finished the fight on a very high note as he was able to sink in the rear naked choke and he had Ed in lots of trouble and was very close to ending the fight.

I felt Ed did enough to at least earn himself a spilt decision but a few things obviously weighed on the judges. In the second round they must have felt that Kendall’s triangle was enough to win him the round. Also at the end of round two Ed Herman was clearly gassed and he could barely stay on his feet. Ed did attempt to pull off an armbar in the third but it seemed as though Kendall had little trouble breaking free and he was able to then sink in a deep rear naked choke and end on a high note. That submission must have weighed highly on the judges and stole Kendall the round.

His GP game was working very well all throughout the fight. It was only at the very end of the third round when time ran out that Kendall got the choke off the ground. 

Yet all 3 judges scored the fight unanimously for Kendall Grove? Wow.
Clearly there is a huge bias against Ed Herman for his “cocky” attitude (that some fans like me appreciate) on the UF season show. However attitude has no place on the Judges scorecards. Kendall Grove could be the nicest guy in the world - he still lost that fight. And judging from the expression on his face I think he knows it too.

Saying Ed Herman’s attitude on the reality show is going a little too far in my opinion. As of late we’ve seen some very questionable judging. I much like you thought Ed Herman won the fight and afterwards I was in shock but this just seems to be something that UFC fans are becoming used too. The Nevada State Athletic Commission is providing judges who usually cover boxing events. Not only was the judging questionable in this fight but take a look at Ultimate Fight Night 5. During the live broadcast we saw Stephan Bonnar and Rashad Evans face off. Evans dominated the whole fight in every facet but somehow one of the judges had the fight as a draw. This happened more then once during the night.

This shows us that states like Nevada and California really need to establish a Mixed Martial Arts Commission. Also there needs to be more seminars and such to teach the various people how to judge and what to look for.

Dana White knew it too. That’s why he made things right by offering Ed Herman the 6 figure contract.

In my books Dana White is the real winner here. He immediately used his position of power and authority to set a wrong decision - right. What an absolute honest guy Dana White is.

I totally agree with you here. Dana White did know it and corrected the judges mistake by offering Ed Herman the Contract much like he did for Stephan Bonnar when he lost by decision to Forrest Griffin. At times I really question Dana White’s actions and some of the stuff that comes out of his mouth but this is the second time Dana White has answered the bell and made the right decision and I respect him for that.

Kudos to Ed Herman for controlling himself at the end and taking the loss the judges gave him in stride.

Official TUF 4 Cast

After the premiere of Blade: The Series, UFC President Dana White announced the cast of ‘The Ultimate Fighter 4’.

Matt Serra
Chris Lytle
Shonie Carter
Jeremy Jackson
Rich Clementi
Mikey Burnett
Pete Spratt
Din Thomas

Jorge Rivera
Patrick Cote
Charles McCarthy
Scott Smith
Gideon Ray
Pete Sell
Edwin Dewees
Travis Lutter


Ultimate Fight Night 5 Recap

Making his UFC debut, tough Chute Box fighter Anderson Silva was put up against TUF star Chris Leben. Many people questioned whether Leben could handle Silva’s strikes or not and they got their question answered. From the opening bell Silva looked dominant landing two right jabs that stunned Leben. He followed that up the some right and left hooks followed by an uppercut and knee which sent Chris Leben to the canvas. “Big” John McCarthy called a stop to the fight with Anderson Silva winning by KO at 49 seconds of the first round.

Mark Hominick and Jorge Gurgle engaged in a stand up war which lasted three rounds. Throughout the whole fight Hominick was able to stuff Gurgle’s takedown attempts and work his strikes. He threw many body-head combos and showed great defense blocking Gurgle’s strikes. Late in the fight Gurgle was able to work the low leg kicks but in the end it wasn’t enough and Hominick earned himself a majority decision.

Rashad Evans looked very dominant against Stephan Bonnar as he got numerous takedowns and had Bonnar on his back for the majority of the fight. Bonnar was unable to mount any offense on his feet as he was taken down at will. Late in the third Bonnar attempted a triangle and guillotine but he wasn’t able to finish as both fighters were just too slippery. In the end Rashad Evans earned himself a unanimous decision.

Rob MacDonald looked good against Kristian Rotharmel getting an early takedown and then the full mount. From there he was able to get Rotharmel to turn to his side which left his arm open, MacDonald was able to grab a hold and secure the armbar.

In the final fight of the night, tough Canadian welterweight Jonathan Goulet went up against Luke Cummo. Goulet looked great during the first round keeping Cummo on his back, passing his guard numerous times and landing elbows. Early in the second round Cummo was able to come out with a couple combos and ended up dropping Goulet. Goulet regained his composure and continued to dominate Cummo on the ground. As the third round started Goulet took Cummo down and continued to dominate until late in the round when Cummo secured a rear naked choke. Just when it looked like Goulet was done he got loose and regained top position. He continued his ground and pound which ended up being enough to earn him a majority decision.

‘The Ultimate Fighter 4’ Update

The UFC announced that they will introduce the cast of ‘The Ultimate Fighter 4’ on Wednesdays Ultimate Fight Night 5.

Rumored Fighters
Jorge Rivera
Patrick Cote
Charles McCarthy
Keith Hackney
Gideon Ray
Mark Weir
Edwin Dewees
Travis Lutter

Matt Serra
Chris Lytle
Shonie Carter
Jeremy Jackson
Rich Clementi
Mikey Burnett
Pete Spratt
Nick Diaz
Din Thomas

Advisors - Randy Couture, Georges St. Pierre, Mark DellaGrotte


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