Chuck Liddell’s Future

Chuck Liddell was recently on MMA Weekly Radio discussing his plans for the near future...

Liddell stated that his next opponent will most likely be Tito Ortiz for the Light-Heavyweight title in December provided that Ortiz gets by Ken Shamrock on October 10th as expected.

Although a major push was made to get the fight with Wanderlei Silva worked out, things fell apart. Chuck noted that the announcement made at UFC 60 was a ploy by Pride to use the venue to promote themselves. He also said that the deal fell through because of Pride and had nothing to do with Wanderlei.

As always, Liddell expressed interest in rematching Quinton Jackson and avenging his loss to him a few years ago. Chuck said that Rampage signed with the WFA to avoid him. When interestingly asked if he would ever move up a weight class and fight in the heavyweight division, Liddell didn’t rule out the possibility and said that he was open to fighting anyone.

He was questioned about retirement and when it would take place - Liddell said that he would be taking things one day at a time and that he doesn’t have plans to stop fighting any time soon.

Dent to Replace Reinhardt

Reports have surfaced indicating that Jason Reinhardt has been forced to withdraw from his fight with Roger Huerta due to an injury suffered in training.

Jason Reinhardt’s replacement is expected to be Jason “Dynamite” Dent who sports a mixed martial arts record of 19-6-0 with his latest victories coming over Kola Koka and Luke Spencer.

On The Underground, Jason Reinhardt made a post which talked about his injuries he suffered.

I injured my neck in training. Left fingers (pinky finger, ring finger are tingling contantly) Left elbow is NUMB. Right shoulder feels like a hot knife is stuck in there. Right arm is weak, and it’s hard for me to move my neck to the left.

I had no other choice. After going to physical therapy and taking four days off completely the Doctor told me no way. I tried guys… I tried to hang in there and I still wanted to fight, believe me. It’s a 12 year dream GONE! This is all I ever wanted. When I got the call to fight in the UFC it was the most amazing feeling in the world, and now this is the worst feeling possible. I sacrificed so much for all the hard grueling training I went through. (Just like a lot of fighters, who take this sport very serious) I was so excited. Maybe it’s time for me to hang it up? I feel like my stomach has a huge hole in it, because of the dissapointment. I can’t help it.

Dana White Comments on Bonnar

Wensday night it was made public that UFC light heavyweight Stephan Bonnar had tested positive to Boldenone which is a banned substance. Boldenone is the same substance that former UFC heavyweight champion Josh Barnett tested positive for after his victory over Randy Couture in March of 2002. Dana White stated that he supports the NSAC and their work to keep the sport clean.

“Obviously, we need to wait and hear Stephan’s side of the story, but the UFC wholeheartedly supports the commission’s continuing efforts to keep this sport clean and to protect the athletes,” said UFC President Dana White. “I hope this is the type of news we never have to hear again in professional sports.”

Franca Staying Busy

Hermes Franca will be looking to add on to his six-fight win streak October 12 when he defends his WEC lightweight belt against Nathan Diaz. Franca is coming off of a submission victory over Jamie Varner at UFC 62. Nathan Diaz is currently on a four-fight win streak with his latest victory coming August 12 over Dennis Davis.

Bonnar Tests Positive

MMAWeekly Radio just broke news that ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ star Stephan Bonnar has tested positive to a banned substance.

Bonnar’s post-fight urine test showed that he had Boldenone Metabolite in his system.

Boldenone is an anabolic steroid that is intended for use only by veterinarians, specifically to help rehabilitate injured horses. It has several brand names for veterinary use, including Equigan, Equipoise, Ultragan, and Ganabol. It is on the banned substances list of all the major athletic commissions and sports leagues.

Tito Ortiz Likes to Talk

In a recent interview with O.C. Register Ortiz gave his thoughts on a third fight with UFC Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock.

“ I have to get past Shamrock one more time,” Ortiz said. “That fight will be on Spike TV and it’s pretty much for the fans. I could have waited out until December and got my world title. All of those fans that were booing (at UFC 61) because they weren’t satisfied, they are going to get it again. It’s too bad it’s at the expense of Ken Shamrock’s health.”

“ This is to shut up his fans and make my fans happy because they thought it ended too quick last time,” Ortiz said. “It’s one of those things. I’m all about the fans and that’s why it’s free on Spike TV.”

If that wasn’t enough Ortiz went on criticize Chuck Liddell who previously knocked him out in two rounds. Also he decided to call Renato Sobral a great ‘B’ level fighter. Keep in mind that Babalu has continuously fought the worlds best fighters and he always comes to fight. He has gone up against the likes of Fedor Emelianenko, Kevin Randleman, Mauricio Rua, Jeremy Horn, and more. Hopefully the UFC can put together a Babalu-Ortiz match-up in the future.

“ He looked just like a normal Chuck Liddell,” Ortiz said. “Renato Babalu is not really as good as they try to make him to be. They kind of painted the picture more of what they think. I think that was a typical fight for Liddell. That fight will go the same way each and every time. The first time went 2 minutes and 30 seconds and this one went 1 minute. Renato Babalu is not really that great a fighter. He’s a great ‘B’ fighter and an average ‘A’ fighter. He’s not at the level of (Randy) Couture or Liddell or myself.”

Barnett Talks Nog

MMA Weekly had the chance to sit down with Josh Barnett after a training session in Los Angeles to ask him about his upcoming fight with Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira…

Barnett said, ” Basically, we’re both adept at the ground game, however, I believe that the difference isn’t so much our techniques or skill sets even… he’s much more methodic and slow-paced and he likes to work a more jiu-jitsu based attack where as my grappling base comes from catch-wrestling…catch-wrestling also is a very aggressive style, [it] doesn’t really believe in laying back and trying to wait for opportunities to present themselves, you make your opportunities, you force your opponents to do what you want them to do.”

He commented on Nogueira saying,”...he can take inordinate amounts of punishment and just stay in the fight which can be very difficult for a guy who’s trying to sprint… he can take so much punishment, so much damage, he can still just hang in there.” But he is looking for a decisive win and not leaving it in the hands of the judges. “I don’t want it to go the distance…I’m looking to finish him.”

MMAWeekly Radio is Back! has announced that the SoundOff will be back on air Tuesday, September 5th at 9 pm EST. The show went off air May 31st as SoundOff host and co-founder Ryan Bennett passed in a tragic car accident. Since that time ‘The Fight Network’ has worked hard to get things set to put the show back on air and they’re finally ready.

The show will be hosted by Damon Martin who is a regular writer on and he will be joined by Jeff Cain. It is still unknown whether Frank Trigg will be back.

For those of you who haven’t listen to any MMA radio, I definitely recommend checking this show out today at 9 pm. SoundOff has always been the best radio show around and with ‘The Fight Network’ running it I’m sure you can expect big things. Also unlike the Beatdown which is only on 1-2 times a week, SoundOff is a daily radio show which is streamed live Monday through Friday.

Evans vs. Lambert is Official

The Ultimate Fighting Championship has announced that ‘The Ultimate Fighter II’ champion and UFC light heavyweight contender Rashad Evans will make his third UFC appearance against fellow contender Jason Lambert.

Rashad Evans sports a mixed martial arts record of 8-0 and a UFC record of 3-0. The tough wrestler has victories over Stephan Bonnar, Sam Hoger and Brad Imes.

“I think he (Lambert) is a real tough, scrappy kind of guy,” said Evans, 13-0 in MMA and 6-0 in the UFC, where he not only won the heavyweight division of the second season of The Ultimate Fighter, but is coming off a win over Stephan Bonnar. “He’s not gonna lay down for anybody, so I just have to go out there and try to bring it to him.”

Jason Lambert sports a mixed martial arts record of 22-5-0 and a UFC record of 3-0. His victories in the UFC have come against Rob MacDonald, Brenden Lee Hinkle and Terry Martin.

“I’m like the little engine that could,” said Lambert, who most recently stopped Branden lee Hinkle in June. “I may be smaller than most light heavyweights, but I just won’t stop moving forward.”

K-1 MAX Results

Here are the results from Sunday night’s K-1 lightweight event…

Andy Souwer defeated Takayuki Kohiruimaki - Unanimous Decision
Ian Schaffa defeated Genki Sudo - TKO (Strikes)
Albert Krauss defeated Yoshihisa Sato - Majority Decision
Virgil Kalakoda defeated Hiroyuki Maeda - TKO (Doctor’s Stoppage)
Buakaw Por Pramuk defeated Hiroki Shishido - KO (Punch)
Drago defeated Naoki Samukawa - Unanimous Decision
Mike Zambidis defeated Tatsuji - Unanimous Decision
Farid Khider defeated Yuya Yamamoto - Unanimous Decision
Hayato defeated Artur Kyshenko - Split Decision
Kazuya Yasuhiro defeated Bobby Ologun - Majority Decision
Ray Sefo defeated Shinobu Tsugto - Unanimous Decision
Satoruvashicoba defeated Taka Osamitsu - TKO (Strikes)

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