Pride: Final Conflict Absolute 2006 Results

Here are the results from Final Conflict Absolute 2006…

Evangelista Santos def. Yosuke Nishijima - Submission (Rear Naked Choke)
Mirko Filipovic def. Wanderlei Silva - KO (Head Kick)
Josh Barnett def. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira - Split Decision
Aleksander Emelianenko def. Sergei Kharitonov - TKO (Strikes)
Ricardo Morais def. Lee Tae-Hyun - TKO (Corner Stoppage)
Kazuhiro Nakamura def. Yoshihiro Nakao - Unanimous Decision
Mauricio Rua def. Cyrille Diabate - TKO (Stomps)
Ricardo Arona def. Alistair Overeem - Submission (Strikes)
Mirko Filipovic def. Josh Barnett - Submission (Strikes)

Lindland Dominates Horn

Matt “The Law” Lindland reined victories last night as he picked Jeremy Horn apart and eventually knocked him out early in the second round.

Lindland came out aggressive in the opening round working both his strikes and takedowns. He was almost able to catch Jeremy Horn in his patented guillotine choke which has victimized numerous other fighters but Horn showed heart and broke free. Lindland continued work his strikes and takedowns, neutralizing anything Horn had to offer.

Coming off of a dominant first round Lindland continued where he left off. This time Lindland was able to catch Horn with a nice left which sent him to the canvas. Lindland pounced on his dazed opponent and pounded away until the referee called a halt to the bout at 21 seconds of the first round.

Chris Horodecki kept his undefeated record intact as he pulled out a unanimous decision over Ed West. Horodecki controlled rounds one and three but he was really tested in the second. Horodecki showed a ton of heart breaking free from a tight kimura which was applied late in the second round by West.

Mike Pyle, Jay Heiron and Alex Schoenauer all had fairly easy days at the office as they fought for a combined time of 1:47 seconds. Funny enough all three fighters won by guillotine choke early in the first. Pyle won at 17 seconds of the first, Heiron 26 seconds of the first and Schoenauer 1:04 of the first.

Allan Goes’s fought for the first time in over a year earning a submission victory over Devin Cole via the guillotine choke. In the end Bas Rutten’s Anacondas swept the five-fight series, Allan Goes made a successful return, Chris Horodecki remained undefeated and Matt Lindland solidified his status as one of the top middleweights in the world.

Fitch to Face Hironaka

American Kickboxing Academy fighter Jon Fitch has confirmed that he will be fighting at UFC 64: Unstoppable against fellow welterweight contender Kuniyoshi Hironaka.

Fitch is currently on a 10 fight winning streak and he is currently 3-0 in the UFC. Fitch’s three UFC victories have been over Thiago Alves, Josh Burkman and Brock Larson.

Kuniyoshi Hironaka is a Shooto veteran who sports a mixed martial arts record of 10-2-0. He is currently on a 3 fight winning streak with his lastest victory coming over the very tough Renato Verissimo.

Fioravanti Stops Monma

UFC veteran Luigi Fioravanti extended his winning streak to three Friday night as he was able to TKO Hidetaka Monma at 2:31 of the first round.

Malice at the Palace Results

Here are the full results from “Malice at the Palace”...

Nick Theotikos def. Josh Hancock - TKO
Marco Falcon def. George Rodriguez - Submission (Rear Naked Choke)
Alaneder Crispim def. Gigo Jara - Submission (Rear Naked Choke)
Moses Baca def. Dave McMillian - Decision (Split)
Jason Pietz def. Vincent Perez - Submission (Kimura)
Marlon Sims def. Sal Guillena - TKO
Brian Ebersole def. Shannon Ritch - Submission
Jeremiah Metcalf def. Jamie Hants - TKO
Nam Phan def. Aric Nelson - TKO
Urijah Faber def. Enoch Wilson - TKO
Jake Shields def. Steve Berger - TKO

Pick The Winners: Final Conflict Absolute 2006

Go ahead and list your predictions.

Grand Prix Semi-Final Bouts:
Mirko Cro Cop (19-4-2) vs. Wanderlei Silva (31-5-1)
Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (28-3-1) vs. Josh Barnett (18-3-0)

Grand Prix Alternate Bout:
Sergei Kharitonov (13-2-0) vs. Aleksander Emelianenko (8-2-0)

Non-Tournament Bouts:
Ricardo Arona (12-4-0) vs. Alistair Overeem (24-8-0)
Mauricio “Shogun” Rua (12-2-0) vs. Cyrille Diabate (10-5-1)
Kazuhiro Nakamura (9-5-0) vs. Yoshihiro Nakao (5-0-0)
Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos (14-9-0) vs. Yosuke Nishijima (0-2-0)
Ricardo Morais (9-4-1) vs. Lee Tae Hyun (0-0-0)

Scott White’s picks…

Grand Prix Semi-Final Winners:
Wanderlei Silva def. Mirko Cro Cop via TKO
Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira def. Josh Barnett via Unanimous Decision

Grand Prix Alternate Bout:
Sergei Kharitonov def. Aleksander Emelianenko via TKO (Cut)

Grand Prix Finals:
Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira def. Wanderlei Silva via Submission (Triangle)

Non-Tournament Bouts:
Ricardo Arona def. Alistair Overeem via Unanimous Decision
Mauricio “Shogun” Rua def. Cyrille Diabate via KO (Kick)
Yoshihiro Nakao def. Kazuhiro Nakamura via Unanimous Decision
Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos def. Yosuke Nishijima via KO
Ricardo Morais def. Lee Tae Hyun via Unanimous Decision


John Chandler’s picks…

Grand Prix Semi-Final Winners:
Mirko Cro Cop def. Wanderlei Silva via KO
Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira def. Josh Barnett via Unanimous Decision

Grand Prix Alternate Bout:
Aleksander Emelianenko def. Sergei Kharitonov via KO

Grand Prix Finals:
Mirko Cro Cop def. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira via Unanimous Decision

Non-Tournament Bouts:
Ricardo Arona def. Alistair Overeem via Unanimous Decision
Mauricio “Shogun” Rua def. Cyrille Diabate via TKO (Strikes)
Kazuhiro Nakamura def. Yoshihiro Nakao via Submission (Armbar)
Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos def. Yosuke Nishijima via KO
Ricardo Morais def. Lee Tae Hyun via Submission (Strikes)

Lindland’s Biggest Challenge Yet

While winning a silver medal at the 2000 Olympics was certainly a big challenge in itself for Matt Lindland, coaching a team and fighting Jeremy Horn all in the same night will at least be Lindland’s biggest MMA challenge to date…

The Oregon native earned his spot on the Olympic wrestling medal podium the hard way, going to a community college before landing at the University of Nebraska and winning a 1993 Big 8 title. He then spent years with Team USA on the world circuit, culminating in a silver medal at 167 pounds in Greco-Roman competition in Sydney in 2000.

Now, well into a mixed martial arts career in which he’s long been ranked one of the world’s top middleweights, Lindland is taking on a new challenge: coaching an MMA team. Lindland’s Portland Wolfpack of the International Fight League debuts Saturday night at the Memorial Coliseum in Portland, facing the Seattle Tigersharks in the first round of the 2006 World Team Championships, and he’ll face well-respected veteran Jeremy Horn in the Superfight main event.

“In some ways, this is nothing new,” said Lindland, one of the head trainers in the elite Team Quest camp in Gresham, OR. “A lot of this is stuff I’d be working on with the guys in the gym anyway. But the IFL is introducing the team concept to MMA, and it is really paying off in our training. There’s a real energy around the gym because everyone’s working toward the same goal. Usually, I’m working with one guy who’s getting ready to fight in Japan and one who’s going to New Jersey. But with everyone focused on fighting at home on Saturday, it is bringing out the best in us.”

Lindland can go a long way toward putting the IFL on the map Saturday. Lindland’s opponent, Horn, who once defeated Chuck Liddell, is one of the smartest fighters in the game, and the matchup of his jiu-jitsu and Lindland’s wrestling makes an intruiging matchup for ground fighting fans.

“It’s going to be brutality,” said Lindland. “I promise you that. Everyone knows Jeremy can bring it and everyone knows I can bring it. I’m going to take it to him, so I hope he’s ready.”


The Ultimate Fighter: Season 4 Catch-Up Again

Well I’ve been trying to keep up with the episodes but things just keep on getting in the way, here’s what has happened up until now…

Episode 3:

The episode begins with a quick recap of Edwin DeWees-Gideon Ray which DeWees won by unanimous decision in an extremely bloody and brutal fight. Back at the house, it seems that Shonie Carter is annoying the rest of the fighters with his crazy antics. Shonie just says that he really doesn’t care what other people think of his actions. During Team No Love’s training session, Jeremy Jackson talks about how the team’s morale is down after losing two straight fights. Dana White then talks about Jackson wasn’t even supposed to be on the show until the very last minute when another fighter pulled out.

Later that night, Jeremy makes a comment about how he doesn’t trust Din Thomas because of the way he looks. Din calls Jeremy out to fight because Jeremy supposedly doesn’t like to punch other people in the face. Dana brings in a big screen TV so the fighters can watch UFC 60. White reminds them that one of them will be facing either Matt Hughes or Georges St. Pierre for the welterweight title in the near future. (We now know that it will be either Matt Hughes or BJ Penn)

Matt Serra is especially disappointed that Royce Gracie loses to Matt Hughes in such a decisive fashion. This makes Serra even more motivated to win the competition and take the title from Hughes being that Serra has trained extensively with the Gracies. The next while Team Mojo is training, Dana comes in and introduces Marc Laimon in as one of the new trainers. Laimon was previously a trainer on the first season of the show.  Serra immediately states his dislike for Laimon because of his training methods and because of a past confrontation.

While they are training, Laimon makes a comment about Gracie’s loss to Hughes the night before, making Serra extremely angry and causing him to go off on Laimon. He says that Laimon doesn’t even fight and has no place making a comment like that. Laimon responds with the fact that he studies MMA extensively and his opinion is very valid. When the fighters return to the house, they decide to pull a prank on Shonie. Earlier in the day, Shonie finished a drawing and then went to training. The fighters draw a replica of the piece and then deface it , making it look like Shonie’s artwork is destroyed while the other one is safely hidden away.

Shonie comes home and quickly loses his cool, challenging the culprit to a fight inside the Octagon no matter what the weight class. Jorge Rivera then brings out the real drawing and everyone laughs. The next day a Team Mojo training session, Randy Couture makes a remark about how talented of a fighter Jeremy Jackson is. Dana goes into Jeremy’s UFC history which consists of a loss to Nick Diaz. Jeremy was forced to stop fighting for a while because of some personal problems but has returned and is ready for action.

The fighters are called to the training center where they learn that Pete Spratt will be fighting Chris Lytle. After the two fighters are selected, Dana does a little profile on each of them. Both have fought numerous times in the UFC with both wins and losses. Dana then reveals that Spratt was actually offered the chance to challenge Matt Hughes for the welterweight title at one point but Pete turned down the offer, stating that he wasn’t ready. Both fighters weigh-in and then enter the Octagon the next day very confident that they will be able to win the fight.

The fight begins with the fighters touching gloves and Lytle immediately rushing after Spratt and pressing him against the cage before taking him down. Spratt leaves his neck open and Lytle quickly secures a guillotine choke, tapping Spratt out seconds later. After the fight, Pete is very upset that he lost the fight so quickly and was surprised at how Lytle came out so strong in the beginning of the round. Dana comments that Team Mojo has three guys in the semi-finals while Team No Love has none.

Episode 4:

The show begins with the fighters recapping Chris Lytle’s quick victory over Pete Spratt. Fighters from Team Mojo comment on how being in control of picking the fights by winning them gives them a distinct advantage in the game. Team No Love has a meeting and discusses who Team Mojo might pick to fight next. They are almost certain that it will be Patrick Cote calling out Travis Lutter.

Later that day, Travis Lutter and Pete Sell have a confrontation in the kitchen where Lutter bad mouths Sell. Sell tells Matt Serra about the situation and how he now wants to fight Lutter. Serra reminds Sell, who he has known since they were teenagers, to not let his emotions get the best of him that it’s all about making it to the semi-finals at this point and picking the best matchups for their team.

Scott Smith finds a rash on his arm. He walks over to the other teammates where Pete Sell says that he has a similar rash on his toe. They are sent to the hospital to get checked out only to find that they both have staph infections. Both Dana and Randy believe that one of the fighters came onto the show with the infection and that it was not received in the training center.

Jeremy Jackson has a conversation with Din Thomas about his personal life and why he had to step away from fighting. He tells Thomas that his brother died about two years ago and that he has been having so many problems that he has been living out of the trunk of his car for the past six months. Jackson says that his biggest problem is with women, whom he moves in with only to be kicked out shortly after. His main goal is to win the competition, get a title shot, and then win enough money so he can buy his own house.

Georges St. Pierre takes Team No Love to the local YMCA for a different kind of practice. It is there that Jeremy Jackson meets one of the lifeguards and asks her to meet him at the house at midnight that night. Later that night, all of the fighters are sitting outside talking. They each head inside to end the night and Jackson tells them that he is going to take a piss by the bushes. After everyone goes inside, Jackson hops the wall and goes and meets the lifeguard.

The next morning, the fighters receive a phone call that practice is cancelled and that Dana White is heading over to their house right then to make an important announcement. The fighters ask each other what it might be about and Jackson reveals that he snuck out of the house last night to meet with a girl. Dana enters the house and gathers the fighters into one room. It is there that he tells Jackson to back his bags and go home.

The staph infection appears to be spreading throughout the house as Din Thomas now has it as well. Patrick Cote is also said to have early signs of a possible infection. The fighters gather at the training center where it is announced that Scott Smith will take on Travis Lutter in the next fight. Dana gives small profiles on each fighter and why they deserve to be on the show. Dana believes that Lutter is the dark horse of the competition and could seriously win it all. Dana also noted that Scott Smith was put on the show to make up for his controversial loss to David Terrell at UFC 59, when a referee called for a clean break but Terrell continued fighting and submitted Smith.

Before the fight, both fighters reveal that they want to fight using their strengths: Lutter wants to take the fight to the ground; Smith wants to knock Lutter out standing up. The fight begans and the two do a little shadow boxing. Lutter fakes a right hand and then quickly gets behind Smith. Smith tries to keep Lutter from taking him down but Lutter successfully suplexes Smith onto the mat. Lutter takes Smith’s back and begins a ground and pound assault.

Lutter continues to pound away while Smith tries to cover up. Lutter then sees an opening and locks in a rear naked choke, forcing Smith to tap out. After the fight, Smith commented on how he knew he couldn’t stop Lutter once he got to the ground and that he must focus on that aspect of his game if he wants to become a better fighter and make it back to the UFC some day. Lutter’s win gives control back to Team No Love for the first time in weeks…

Southworth to Take on Ruiz

Strikeforce has announced that ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ star Bobby Southworth will be fighting on their upcoming October 7th card against Anthony “A Train” Ruiz.

Southworth currently sports a mixed martial arts record of 6-4 and he has gone up against the likes of Vitor Belfort, Sam Hogar and James Irvin. In Southworth’s last fight against James Irvin the judges ruled it a no contest as the fighters clinched up against the cage door which flew open and caused the fight to be stopped due to an injury that Irvin had suffered. Anthony Ruiz sports a mixed martial arts record of 14-9 and he is currently on a two fight win streak.

Tito and Babalu’s War of Words

It seems that Tito Ortiz seems to dislike Renato Sobral these days. Judging by his comments, I think it’s a good observation. Ortiz has been pretty willing to rip into Babalu for his recent performance against Chuck Liddell at UFC 62…

“Renato Babalu is not really as good as they try to make him to be. They kind of painted the picture more of what they think. I think that was a typical fight for Liddell. That fight will go the same way each and every time. The first time went 2 minutes and 30 seconds and this one went 1 minute. Renato Babalu is not really that great a fighter. He’s a great ‘B’ fighter and an average ‘A’ fighter. He’s not at the level of (Randy) Couture or Liddell or myself.”

I wouldn’t go that far Tito. Anyone who takes Fedor the distance and beats Trevor Prangley, Shogun, and Jeremy Horn all in the same night has to be considered among the best fighters out there without question. The main reason why Babalu lost in my opinion is that he failed to execute the proper game plan that could beat Chuck. Babalu must have been dreaming if he thought that he could win the stand-up battle.

It’s the classic mistake that Couture, Horn, and now Babalu have made during their fights with him. All of the fighters had fought him before, all of them had a superior ground game to him, yet all of them decided that they wanted to beat Chuck at his own game and they paid the consequences by getting dropped.

Anyway, enough of my rambling…

After hearing about Tito’s remarks, Babalu has issued a statement through his manager:

Through his manager, Sobral sent the following retort to, “I earned my title shot after my results in the Octagon. I won my way up to the title shot against Liddell and Tito has his fight guaranteed on a contract. I won my way up with 10 wins in a row with the last three being at the UFC by submission. Tito had two victories at his two recent UFC fights with the judges helping him… very controversial results, not convincing!! Even though I believe it’s impossible, I really hope Tito beats Liddell because it will be easier to smash his face and get the title from him instead of Liddell.”

Babalu does make some good points, however I don’t think he will be getting a shot at Tito or Chuck for quite a while…



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